Google is paying $500 million for a firm that will improve cloud security.

Google is buying a company for half a billion dollars to boost cloud security

According to Reuters, Google’s $500 million acquisition of Israel-based firm Siemplify is intended to assist the corporation to boost its cloud security program, Chronicle. Google described Siemplify as security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) firm in a blog post announcing the acquisition, and expects to incorporate its features into Chronicle. “SIEMPLIFY ENABLES SECURITY OPERATION CENTER ANALYSTS TO MANAGE THEIR OPERATIONS FROM START TO FINISH”

Samsung Electronics offers The Freestyle, a portable screen that gives entertainment on the go.

Samsung Electronics Launches The Freestyle, a Portable Screen for Entertainment Wherever You Are

Before CES 2022, Samsung Electronics announced the launching of The Freestyle, an all-new portable screen and entertainment device. The Freestyle has first-of-its-kind technology and flexibility for users who wish to carry video and audio information with them wherever they go. The Freestyle is a small, portable gadget that includes a projector, voice assistant, and lighting effects. It’s aimed toward millennials and Gen Z. The Freestyle is lightweight at only 830 grams and can be used to transform any surface into a screen. Unlike typical, boxy projectors, the Freestyle’s flexible cradle allows for 180-degree rotation. It allows users to project high-quality video anywhere – tables, floors, walls, and even ceilings – without the need for a separate screen.

You Can Handle a Lot of Issues Proactively by Enacting a Monitoring Strategy

You Can Handle a Lot of Issues Proactively by Enacting a Monitoring Strategy

There are a lot of threats out there that can place some pressure on your business to think and act a certain way, but unless you are actively searching for threats on your network, you might find yourself coming up short in regards to network security. Why is monitoring your network so important, even with preventative measures in place? It all starts with imagining the worst-case scenario.

Apple’s forthcoming iPad Pro will have wireless charging and a glass back.

Apple’s next iPad Pro has wireless charging and a glass back

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is working on the new iPad Pro featuring wireless charging. To enable the technology, Apple is reported to be switching to a glass back for the future models, instead of the metal used on all prior iPad backs. Apple is developing a magnetic charging mechanism for the next iPad Pro, similar to the MagSafe connector launched with the iPhone 12 series of phones last year. According to the source, Apple’s next iPad may incorporate reverse wireless charging. It would allow the iPad to function as a wireless power hotspot in and of itself. Apple officially revealed the new M1 iPad Pro with a Mini LED display. The wireless charging option isn’t likely to be ready until next year. According to Bloomberg, in 2021, Apple will release a redesigned iPad Mini with fewer screen bezels. It’s unclear if it’ll utilize Face ID like the iPad Pro or Touch ID on the power button like the iPad Air. Bloomberg just states that “the removal of its home button has also been attempted.” Apple is likely to release a thinner version of the 10.2-inch iPad with the new iPad Mini. Both items are expected to arrive before the end of the year.

How to Prepare for Hybrid Working Models and Form High-Performance Teams

How To Optimize For Hybrid Work Models And Build High-Performing Teams

If the epidemic taught us anything, it’s that working from home is now acceptable. Many employees are enthusiastic about it, and CEOs are also advocating for a remote working environment. The proposal has piqued the interest of whole corporations: According to a McKinsey research of 100 executives from various regions and sectors, nine out of ten organizations planned to blend remote hybrid and on-site work schedules. Despite this, there is still considerable opposition.

Tip of the Week: Learn How to Map a Network Drive to Create a Shared Network

Tip of the Week: Learn How to Map a Network Drive to Create a Shared Network

Many businesses rely on the concept of a shared network, where all computers have access to centralized folders and drives so documents can be accessed by everyone. While it is likely that your IT department has already taken care of the nitty-gritty details of this, we thought it might be helpful to put together a short guide on how you can map a network on your personal device on the off-chance you want to set up a shared network for your own personal reasons.

Remove all of your personal information from the internet in 6 easy steps.

Remove all your personal info from the internet: 6 steps to disappear for good

If you’re reading this, your personal information is probably public knowledge. And by “public,” I mean anybody and everyone anywhere. The beginning of a new year is an excellent opportunity to get your online privacy ducks in order and effectively “remove” oneself from the internet. But how does removing oneself from the internet prevent firms from obtaining your personal information? The short answer is no.