With Managed Services, Computer Repair Is Less of a Chore

With Managed Services, Computer Repair Is Less of a Chore

Let’s say you are going about your workday when your computer suddenly crashes. Your first reaction might be to reach out for support, and if so, then you are correct; we can’t let you suffer from downtime for too long! Let’s go over what the acquisition of support might entail, even if the problem you are experiencing cannot be solved through a remote support option.

Don’t Let Break-Fix Technology Maintenance Hold Your Business Back

When you think about technology maintenance, how often do you tend to address issues with your infrastructure? Do you wait for something to go wrong before addressing it? If so, you are going about technology maintenance all wrong. When you take this break-fix approach to your IT infrastructure, you run the risk of serious complications that could result in expensive downtime and costly repairs.

How a Penetration Test Plays Out

How is a Pen Test Carried Out? A pen test is carried out more or less exactly like any cyberattack would be. Using the same tools as the cybercriminals do, a sanctioned professional is set loose on a computing system to try and crack it as a cybercriminal would. Like any cybercriminal, the pen tester follows a basic process: Scoping – The professional and their client come to an agreement regarding the evaluation, and a non-disclosure agreement is signed. Information Gathering – The professional starts to collect any data they can on the company and its technology to help identify vulnerabilities. A shocking amount of this data is publicly available. Probing – The professional first approaches the network they are targeting, sending probes to collect any information they can. This information helps them decide which attacks are most likely to take root. Attack – Once their strategy is compiled, the professional attempts to actively penetrate the targeted system. Of course, their data collection activities continue throughout the process. This does not inherently mean that all identified vulnerabilities will be targeted. Camping – If the professional successfully gets into the system, their job is to then remain there for some time. They’ll install software that allows them to get back in when needed, even if a network administrator makes changes or reboots the system. Clean-Up – Once the professional has the data they need for their report, they remove the software they installed and effectively undo everything they did, leaving the system as it was when they first attacked. At this point, the professional submits their report to the client, prioritizing all identified vulnerabilities by severity. This report should serve as the blueprint for the security improvements that should be implemented. Oftentimes, the professional will attempt another breach after the improvements have been put in place. Why is Pen Testing Important? Hopefully, this much is obvious at this point. Without an objective pen test, your only way to evaluate your security’s practical effectiveness is through a legitimate threat. That certainly wouldn’t be the time to discover that your network is vulnerable, would it? No, it’s better to have these threats identified in a controlled environment. SRS Networks is here to help you shore up any vulnerabilities that may be identified. Give us a call at (831) 758-3636 to learn more about what it takes to secure your business without sacrificing productivity.

Get the Most Value Out of Your IT Budget

To begin, it is important to acknowledge the different ways that costs—especially IT-related costs—can be optimized. Processes can be moved to the digital space and automated, helping to increase efficiency and eliminate waste and redundancy. Agreements and prices can be negotiated for purchased services and solutions, allowing businesses to reduce costs and cultivate professional relationships. Business resources can be standardized and streamlined, so more can be accomplished for a smaller investment. As it happens, a managed service provider can assist a business on all three of these fronts. Let’s go over a few ways that these goals can be achieved through some of the services offered as a part of an MSP’s offering. Vendor Management Businesses need to deal with their vendors all the time, which can often result in less time left for their other initiatives to be focused upon. Many MSPs will take on this responsibility on your behalf and allow you to direct your attention to your business’ affairs. As an auxiliary benefit, as these MSPs will likely be working with these vendors on the behalf of several clients, they likely have a healthy business relationship with them. This means that they likely are offered bulk deals and other perks that can translate to similar benefits on your end. Proactive Maintenance There is no getting around it: technology is expensive. Not only does it require an upfront investment to procure, maintaining it can quickly rack up some significant costs that can be challenging to predict. An MSP’s proactive maintenance can help to resolve this, as issues can be mitigated before the associated costs begin to blossom and expand. Cloud-Based and Remote Services With the technology that is available today, it is far easier for business services to be scaled to the size that a given company will require, and to be delivered in a much more efficient way. This allows more businesses access to the tools and support that they need to maintain their operations, as they will be more accessible and (as we’ve established) more financially feasible for these businesses to invest in. Working with an MSP to put these tools to use will allow businesses to get the most value (again, through proactive maintenance and vendor management) for their investments. The value that an MSP can provide to a business of any size cannot be understated. We’d be happy for the opportunity to show you how you could benefit from it. Reach out to our team at (831) 758-3636 and learn more about our services today.

Managed IT Services’ Major Points of Emphasis

Our Industry Experience Managed services technicians aren’t your average computer repair guys. We have to find solutions for so many different situations and problems that our perspective about how to best help an organization shifts. It’s for this reason that an MSP is a wonderful partner in which to build onto your current IT infrastructure.  Having an IT support team with plenty of experience isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your IT support options have the experience with the information technology needs of your particular business. Having a support team that understands the demands of–and on–your business can go a long way toward gaining the IT service partner that will be a truly indispensable resource for your company. Response Times One reason that some businesses clutch to the notion that they need to have onsite IT technicians is that they don’t believe the response time of the managed service provider is fast enough to warrant a change. What the decision makers at those organizations don’t quite understand is that MSPs are typically confronting every issue before the onsite IT team is alerted.  One of the main benefits of managed IT services is that since we proactively monitor and manage covered endpoints, it saves technicians from having to worry about response time. Couple that fact with the fact that we offer a 24/7/365 help desk that can troubleshoot problems any time of day, you’ll find that with the right MSP, your IT runs better, making your business run better.  Scope of Service One of the biggest points of contention businesses have with their IT is that it costs too much to implement. With managed IT services, your business’ whole IT infrastructure is completely monitored and maintained, leaving any IT projects you want deployed real options. Do you want to upgrade your communications? Would you like to put in an IT-based system to be able to manage a part of your business better? Need to meet a new set of compliance standards within the next quarter? You are open to do it. Best yet, even if you have your IT completely managed by SRS Networks, we also provide access to professional IT consultants that not only have great relationships with some of the best vendors in the industry, but have the know-how and determination to help you get your project implemented and working properly. The expanse of expertise you get with an MSP is one of the best benefits of using a managed IT services provider.  Cut Costs If you were to staff an IT department with all the tools, experienced technicians, comprehensive consultants, and technical skills that we have, it would cost you a fortune. Outsourcing some or all of your IT responsibilities to a managed services provider not only gives you access to some of the best technical minds in California, it does so at a fraction of the cost than it would if you were to do it yourself. The value you’ll see in the first six months with SRS Networks will make you wonder why you waited until now to call us. If you would like to get comprehensive IT management for a fraction of the price that you are paying now, consider calling us at (831) 758-3636. Our consultants can talk to you about doing […]

Why Every Business (But Especially Yours) Should Leverage Modern IT

Better Technology Makes You More Relevant – and Thereby, Competitive How would you feel if you walked into a financial planner’s office for assistance with your business’ budget and saw all of the employees working diligently at their desks, each making calculations with an abacus? Or if you were in the hospital for a procedure, and your anesthetist pulled out a mallet to prepare you for surgery? Presumably, you’d leave. While these are extreme examples, the same concept goes for any business. Technology is developed to improve workplace operations, making operations more efficient, more reliable, or more effective – if not some combination of the three. Failing to keep up with these improvements, as your competition does, will only put your business further behind the curve – making it harder to attract the clients and customers you need to maintain your revenue streams. It also doesn’t hurt that the majority of people you are trying to attract to your business are looking for a provider that can outperform the competition – something that you cannot do if they are utilizing the latest and greatest solutions when you aren’t. Today, your hope is that the opposite situation is the case – your solutions being better than theirs. Technology Can Boost Efficiency For the sake of your business’ budget, its aforementioned relevance, the overall satisfaction level of your clientele, and a variety of other key factors… your business needs to operate efficiently. The longer your operations take, the more expensive they will prove to be for your business, and the less satisfied your clientele will become – again, especially if they are comparing you to an alternative provider. There are many ways that IT solutions can prove to be a benefit in this way. Automation can reduce the amount of time your employees spend trudging through rote tasks, freeing up quite a bit of time in any department. As a result, these tasks can be completed with machine accuracy, while your employees can simultaneously be productive towards their goals and objectives. There’s Improved Security Potential in Technology You may have picked up on how a lot of cybersecurity threats now rely on the inherent vulnerability of human beings, with phishing attacks and ransomware being such popular means of attack. Why is this the case? Well, technology has improved to the point where it is often easier to take advantage of the user than it is to breach the system – assuming that the system in question has the proper safeguards implemented.  While it obviously can’t be said that these safeguards will always keep your business’ data safe, there is a definite increase in the frequency of cyberattacks that target user vulnerabilities, rather than software ones. In fact, according to a survey that the Small Business Trends website maintains, phishing and social engineering were experienced by 43 percent of their respondents. According to some sources, a full 76 percent of businesses reported being the victims of a phishing attack in 2018. Why is this? Well, to be frank, many cybercriminals are reconsidering how their attacks should take shape as security solutions have improved. If the weakest point in a business’ security is the user, it makes more sense to target the user. While this means that any business needs to seriously consider training […]

Identifying the Value of Managed IT: Support Services

Managed Support The Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides an experience unlike traditional service providers’ methodology. Let’s take a look at two scenarios: Art is finishing up a design using a popular image editing program, when all of a sudden the software crashes. Annoyed, Art tries to reload the software only to find that it isn’t responding to his commands. He starts to click around, when the whole computer freezes. He calls the service desk only to be told that the IT guy is out to lunch. The issue causes significant downtime for Art. Paul works for a rival business that uses managed IT services. He is using the same program and has the same issue. He calls his support line and the person on the other end of the phone asks him a couple of questions and then remotely accesses the computer, fixing the issue. In no time, Paul is back working on his design.  Onsite Support Services Most of the time, a managed service provider can sustain a dynamic IT infrastructure remotely. Sometimes, however, the situation calls for onsite work. Managed service providers hire (and train) some of the best technicians in your market. If your business needs someone to come swap out or install hardware, work on your organization’s networking, or to handle another issue, managed services technicians are trained and proficient.  Keep Business Moving Forward Don’t lose minutes, hours, and days to downtime. Call the IT professionals at SRS Networks today at (831) 758-3636 to learn how your business can use managed IT services to its benefit. Be sure to return to our blog Friday for part three of our five-part series of managed IT services.