Google is changing the way it tracks us online, but who benefits?

Google Is Changing How It Tracks Us Online – But Who Benefits? | Google

Cookies are one of many dubious agreements we have made online, where privacy is sacrificed for convenience without fully understanding the repercussions. This agreement, like so many others involving our data, is being modified in the presence of authorities. Google released an update last week on how it is replacing cookies on its Chrome browser, which is significant because Chrome accounts for two-thirds of all online surfing worldwide.

How can I improve my Google search skills?

How can I get better at using Google search?

The extraordinary popularity of Google was achieved via de-skilling search. People who aren’t very good at searching – which are almost everyone – may now get decent results without having to type in long, complicated queries. This was partially due to Google’s PageRank algorithm recognizing which pages were most important and successful, and partly due to users quickly leaving websites that didn’t provide what they wanted.

Hackers are Using Google Docs (and other Cloud Services) to Attack Users

Hackers are Using Google Docs (and other Cloud Services) to Attack Users

There are many ways that hackers have attempted to subvert the advanced security precautions implemented by enterprises and small businesses alike, but some of the more recent and crafty ones include sending threats through seemingly legitimate sources, like social media. The latest in this string of attacks includes Google Docs, and it is problematic for a number of reasons.

Google protests €500 million fine levied by the France over a dispute with news organizations

Google protests €500 million ($592 million) fine by French regulators in July for failing to negotiate a deal with news publishers in the nation. In essence, they required Google to hold negotiations with a publisher within three months of receiving a request. They were to determine how much the news organizations should be compensated for having their material shown on Google News. Many prominent news organizations complained about Google conversations. They said that it was not in good faith. They were not appropriately rewarded prompting substantial penalties.

Google is releasing a Calendar feature that indicates how much time you spend in meetings.

Google rolling out calendar feature

To summarize, as more individuals work from home, meetings are taking up an increasing portion of employees’ workdays. Google is introducing a “Time Insights” sidebar to the web version of Calendar. It will help customers keep track of how much time they spend on collaborative tasks. According to Google, Time Insights provides customers with a summary of information based on their weekly meetings. This covers the amount of time spent in one-on-one conversations with others. Meetings with three or more guests, and the length of the sessions, all displayed in simple pie and bar charts.