You Can Handle a Lot of Issues Proactively by Enacting a Monitoring Strategy

There are a lot of threats out there that can place some pressure on your business to think and act a certain way, but unless you are actively searching for threats on your network, you might find yourself coming up short in regards to network security. Why is monitoring your network so important, even with preventative measures in place? It all starts with imagining the worst-case scenario.

Your business’ IT is more complex than you think it is. IT has a lot of moving parts and every endpoint, application, or connection could be a pathway for hackers to get into your business’ IT and cause a disaster. With a lot of people working remotely, this hasn’t helped issues, and has caused complexity that many IT professionals may not be comfortable with. Let’s take a look at how one relatively simple strategy can work to change the fortunes of your entire organizational computing reliability.

Proactive Maintenance

The strategy that is proactive maintenance starts with a complete assessment of all the network-attached devices and implementing around-the-clock monitoring. This comprehensive monitoring of all network-attached infrastructure seems expensive, right? Using cutting-edge technology, it is possible to monitor every endpoint and application and to have that platform notify IT administrators if they find any suspicious inconsistencies. By monitoring everything it makes staying proactive easier. Companies that use this strategy see less downtime, fewer hardware maintenance costs, and get more out of their IT.

Why Monitor Your Network?

The threat landscape today is as difficult to understand and can punish the organization that isn’t doing the right things for cybersecurity. Sure, you still need to invest in training your employees, you still need to deploy tools such as antivirus/antimalware, spam filtering, and firewalls, but by monitoring your network and infrastructure, you can learn more about it and keep it working proficiently. Getting the jump on potential inconsistencies can save your company endless amounts of money in lost productivity. That’s enough to consider the benefits of monitoring your information systems and network. 

At SRS Networks, our strategy is to monitor everything that is connected to your network. This way, the tiniest issue with a forgettable piece of software or Internet of Things device won’t hurt your ability to keep business moving effectively. If you would like to learn more about network monitoring and proactive maintenance, give us a call today at 831-758-3636.

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