Tech Term: Firewall

Chances are, you’ve at least heard the term firewall before. A fairly recent term, it was first used as a computing term in the 1983 movie WarGames before it was ever introduced into mainstream computing. Thanks Matthew Broderick! Since then, the term has expanded and grown to include a variety of approaches. Let’s dig into what a firewall does, as far as each of the various types are concerned.

Nasty Vulnerability Found in Microsoft Azure’s Managed Database Service

Some vulnerabilities can fly under the radar for quite some time, some for months or even years. This is the case with a recently discovered Microsoft Azure database vulnerability. The exploit, discovered by cloud security provider Wiz, is found in Cosmos DB, Microsoft Azure’s managed database service, and it’s a real nasty one at that. Let’s dive into the details and see what we can learn from the incident.

Strong New Options Make Video Conferencing an Essential Tool

The telephone may have once been the dominant form of communication for the office, but video conferencing has quickly overtaken it and become one of, if not the most popular ways for remote and hybrid workplaces to communicate. We think there is a certain value in looking at the many opportunities businesses have to improve their video conferencing solution, so let’s dive into some of the best features you should look for!

3 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Lost or Stolen Device

With so many employees still working remotely, it’s easy to see how lost or stolen devices can create problems for your business. Therefore, like any security issue, it is critical to take it seriously before it happens rather than react to it as it occurs. Here are four preventative measures you can take today to decrease the odds of a lost or stolen device becoming a major problem for your business.

Here Are Some Types of Software Your Business Could Find Useful

Businesses use software throughout their day-to-day operations, but you might have different needs from, let’s say, the small business down the block from you. Even though all businesses have different necessities in terms of software, there are some solutions that are universally helpful for just about any company looking to improve their operations. Let’s take a look at some of them.

ALERT: Update Your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac NOW.

If you use almost any Apple products, you’ll want to check for and apply an update that will prevent your devices from being spied on. Apple has just issued an emergency software update for a critical vulnerability that was recently discovered. The new updates were pushed out on Monday, September 13th, 2021, and include a major security fix for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Mac computers and laptops.

Windows 8.1 Is Next Up to Be Retired

With the news that Windows 11 will be released sometime this year, many users are looking to implement new hardware that supports it. However, we want you users of Windows 8.1 to know that we have not forgotten about you; with Windows 8.1’s end-of-life event in 2023 creeping up, we thought we’d focus a bit on how your company can start taking steps to move away from this operating system before it’s too late.

75% of Businesses Waste Just As Much Time on False Positive Security Threats, Study Finds

It’s good to go about your business with an abundance of caution, but sometimes this abundance of caution can lead people to see threats where they simply do not exist. In cybersecurity, this is actually quite easy to see happening, as cybersecurity is such a multi-faceted topic. But how much do these false-positive security reports wind up costing organizations?