The telephone may have once been the dominant form of communication for the office, but video conferencing has quickly overtaken it and become one of, if not the most popular ways for remote and hybrid workplaces to communicate. We think there is a certain value in looking at the many opportunities businesses have to improve their video conferencing solution, so let’s dive into some of the best features you should look for!

Screen Sharing

One of the most crucial parts of any presentation is the ability to share your screen with others. This also lets you share any content found on that screen, be it from your own computer or the one who is hosting the meeting. Any business professional who must frequently put together presentations should consider screen sharing a critical feature to look for.

HD Video

It stands to reason that any great video conferencing solution should have top-notch, high-quality video streaming. While it might not seem like it should be as high of a priority as other features, you wouldn’t believe how much of a difference it can make in the quality of your solution, as better video quality means a better experience for all involved—especially if you are sharing content.

Chat Functionality

Most of the attention might be on the video for most meetings, but that does not mean that the chat isn’t also important. It gives people the ability to contribute to the conversation even if they are muted or are not comfortable speaking up in front of others, and it can create an active and engaging experience for all. The chat feature also gives users the ability to send files, media, emojis, and so much more.

Recording Features

Nobody can possibly attend every single meeting that your company holds, and it is crucial that the information from said meeting be recorded in some form or another to keep these folks in the loop. If you record your meetings, you are essentially preserving the information in its most pure form, allowing those who miss meetings to retroactively catch themselves up on what was discussed.

Performance Reports

If your video conferencing solution has the ability to gauge interaction and effectiveness, you will gain important insights that can help you improve your presentations and maximize the effectiveness of your company’s meetings. For example, if people are not enjoying your slideshow format for a presentation, you can take steps toward making them more enjoyable.

If these features sound ideal for your video conferencing needs, get in touch with SRS Networks! We want to help you maximize the effectiveness of your video conferencing tools. To learn more, reach out to us at (831) 758-3636.

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