“What’s the Weather Like?”
Unlike real people, who might judge you for asking about the weather and direct you to the closest window, Cortana will be slightly more helpful and provide an answer for you. In order to use this function, your location service has to be enabled. Also, you can ask Cortana about the weather anywhere else in the world, too.

“What’s On My Schedule?”
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a real-life personal assistant, Cortana is probably the next closest thing. Cortana can access your Calendar app or your Outlook calendar to inform you of scheduled events. She can even give you specific information about different dates on your calendar. For example, asking Cortana something like, “What do I have planned this weekend?” will provide you with the information you’re seeking.

“How Long Will it Take Me to Get to [Place]”
Cortana can help you determine how long it will take you to get from your current location to another by using your map application and your location services. You can even ask her for something as simple as how to get from point A to point B, even if it’s nowhere near where you are.

“Show Me My Notes”
Cortana can pull information from Microsoft OneNote with this command. You can also have Cortana open a specific note by attaching a date to your command. For example, try asking Cortana to show you your notes from last year.

“Set a Reminder”
Cortana has the ability to drop you a quick reminder for an upcoming event or time, which is way better than writing it down on a piece of paper or your hand. Cortana is flexible enough to understand what you’re trying to say, so the wording of the command isn’t so important. For example, you can say something natural like, “Remind me to pick up dinner at five.” Also, Windows Phone users can have Cortana notify them of a task they need to do if it’s associated with a location they come across.

“Create an Alarm”
In the same way that you can set a reminder, you can easily have Cortana set an alarm. Cortana can set the alarm to go off only once, or at a regular time.

Cortana is shaping up to be a great new tool that can used in the professional environment. For more tips on how to take advantage of technology, subscribe to SRS Networks’s blog for helpful tips each week.

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