Samsung Electronics offers The Freestyle, a portable screen that gives entertainment on the go.

Samsung Electronics Launches The Freestyle, a Portable Screen for Entertainment Wherever You Are

Before CES 2022, Samsung Electronics announced the launching of The Freestyle, an all-new portable screen and entertainment device. The Freestyle has first-of-its-kind technology and flexibility for users who wish to carry video and audio information with them wherever they go. The Freestyle is a small, portable gadget that includes a projector, voice assistant, and lighting effects. It’s aimed toward millennials and Gen Z. The Freestyle is lightweight at only 830 grams and can be used to transform any surface into a screen. Unlike typical, boxy projectors, the Freestyle’s flexible cradle allows for 180-degree rotation. It allows users to project high-quality video anywhere – tables, floors, walls, and even ceilings – without the need for a separate screen.