MicrosoftWill Launch the cloud meeting

To help improve the built-in Polls feature in meetings, Microsoft Teams is introducing a new “word cloud” feature. This feature will be available to desktop and mobile users in late September.

In November of last year, the Microsoft Teams desktop app introduced a new polling experience for meetings. It is now also available on mobile. Using multiple-choice polls and quizzes, presenters can get immediate feedback from their audience. In order to increase meeting engagement, the company is now planning to improve the polling option in Microsoft Teams. A new feature called “the word cloud polls” will be included in the upcoming update. It will allow presenters to create an open-ended question to elicit participants’ opinions on a specific topic.

A new question type – the word cloud – will be added to Microsoft Forms polls in Teams sessions soon. This style of inquiry may increase the meeting participation and include everyone in the discussion. This is a wonderful technique to represent the feelings and thoughts of the audience.

Previously, Forms polls in Teams meetings could only be a multiple-choice poll or a quiz. With this version, a new question type, a word cloud poll, will be available. This enables speakers to pose an open-ended inquiry to elicit feedback from audiences.

Microsoft Teams will collect all responses anonymously, just like the multiple-choice polling experience, and other users will not be able to see who submitted a specific word.

The Microsoft Teams is also planning to add a 2×2 gallery view for meetings viewed in the Safari browser in addition to this feature. For the Edge or Chrome users, the 2×2 gallery view is already available, and it can display up to the four participant videos during a Teams meeting. This feature is currently in the works and will be soon available in mid-September.


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