With Managed Services, Computer Repair Is Less of a Chore

Let’s say you are going about your workday when your computer suddenly crashes. Your first reaction might be to reach out for support, and if so, then you are correct; we can’t let you suffer from downtime for too long! Let’s go over what the acquisition of support might entail, even if the problem you are experiencing cannot be solved through a remote support option.

Here are the steps your business might use when utilizing our support services:

How Our Clients Get the Support They Need

Let’s say you are one of our clients (and if you’re not, what are you waiting for?). One of your team members experiences a sudden issue with their computer. What is their first response?

If you work with an outsourced IT provider, all you need to do is contact the help desk and let us know that something is wrong. If you ever do experience issues like this, then you should know that they are relatively rare thanks to our proactive monitoring services, meaning that there is a chance that we already know about the problem and are taking steps to address it. This remote service lets us address most problems before you even need to contact us, but just in case they do, here are some methods you can use to get ahold of us:

  • They can call us on the phone.
  • If possible, they can submit a support ticket via our online portal.
  • They can send an email request to SUPPORTEMAIL.

Granted, some of the problems you might experience cannot be resolved remotely through remote services. In these cases, we can deploy a technician to assist with on-site support.

Computer Hardware Can (And Does) Break

Computers and their components are certainly capable of breaking down, so if something does go wrong, you should know that we are here for you. Our team can help to resolve just about any hardware problems you might experience. If you need on-site support, one of our trusted techs will make the trip to your office and take care of your technology troubles.

If the problem is a simple one, our technician might be able to fix it right away. If not, we’ll make sure your employees have devices to use as backups just in case the issue takes a bit longer to resolve.

One Way or Another, We’ll Make Sure Your Team Remains Operational

If you’re taking advantage of our support options, you won’t have to worry about keeping your business operational. To find out how you can get started today, reach out to us at 831-758-3636.

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