What Your Business Needs to Focus on This Year

Digital transformation—or the integration of digital technology into all aspects of operations—has been a hot topic of consideration for businesses of all sizes. Let’s consider how you should approach your transformative processes as you work to keep your business competitive with those who are also embracing technology.

Follow the Data

Trust us: we all think that our intuition is infallible, however, studies have shown that this level of infallibility only comes from experience. The feeling that a chess master gets that they know what move their opponent is about to make is much different than you simply having a good feeling about a decision. The difference between the two is the amount of data involved.

The truth is that the chess master’s feeling really comes from how often they’ve seen a certain tactic play out, how they’ve seen opponents behave. It isn’t that they’re predicting the future, they’re drawing a data-based conclusion from what they’ve witnessed before. Your efforts toward digital transformation need to be the same way: perhaps shaped by intuition, but supported by data.

This is why key performance indicators are so important to keep track of, as they can help you organize your data in a way that better leads you to a fortuitous conclusion.

Don’t Sacrifice Security for Innovation

Whenever any business change is considered, its impacts to security need to be front and center during deliberations. 

Take the recent widespread adoption of remote work as an example: as many businesses rushed to implement it, many of them skipped the part where employees were provided with the solutions needed to operate securely. Admittedly, there were other circumstances at play in this case, but you see the point:

Innovation that leads to vulnerability is one step forward, two steps back.

Whatever you plan to implement, you need to ensure that your security won’t suffer as a result.

Make Sure Your Clients and Customers Have a Solid Experience

Consider how important your clientele are to your success… doesn’t it make the most sense to ensure that their experience is a positive one? You can use your technology to make their experience smooth, from a customer relationship management system to the communication solutions that allow you to stay in touch with them and keep them informed. As digital tools become more and more common, doing so will be more accessible.

We’re here to help you utilize your technology to the best of its ability, so your business can accomplish more. Give us a call at 831-758-3636  today so we can help you progress towards your goals.

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