Valuable IT Services Allow Your Business to Accomplish More

Managed IT services can help your business save money, pure and simple. Today, we wanted to help by providing some baseline numbers for how working with a managed service provider can keep your business’ bottom line in check.

You Gain Productivity

Managed IT services eventually pay for themselves in the productivity you experience as a result of implementing them. Thanks to the uptime, your staff can be more productive with the time they have, and they can use this productivity to generate more income for your business. You don’t need us to tell you that you can then reinvest this revenue into your business. MSPs keep your technology in proper working order, allowing you to transform capital you would have lost from downtime into a return on your investment.

Do More with Technology

If you have a solid IT provider, you can get even more work done with your technology and make it work for you rather than simply with you. It’s often difficult to hire someone with the knowledge and expertise required to get the most out of your technology, which is why it’s usually more cost-effective for a business to invest in managed IT services.

Shrink Your Initial Technology Investments

Implementing managed IT services can help you keep your infrastructure costs down, as your chosen IT resources will help you structure your on-site investments in such a way that is consolidated rather than spread out and complicated. By keeping capital expenses to a minimum through investments in cloud-based infrastructures and software, you make your IT budget much more friendly and easier to manage/maintain. Just imagine what you could do with all of those savings!

Comprehensive Security

There are a ton of threats out there today, and even the most expert technicians can often struggle with protecting a network against the advanced IT issues out there. Any good MSP will offer around-the-clock monitoring and advanced security tools and policies that can help your organization’s security infrastructure. With 24/7, 365 help desk and training resources, data backup and disaster recovery solutions, and the integration of security tools, you’ll find that your network will be even more secure than before.

Reliably Consistent Pricing

Knowing how much you will spend on IT is an incredibly powerful piece of information to have at your disposal. When your monthly expenses are predictable, you can move forward with confidence, using the information to ensure any new technology investments and projects can benefit your company.

Easy Scaling

Similar to pricing, if a business decides that it’s time to decrease or increase spending on IT resources, managed IT providers can help to adjust your investments into these managed services. All you need to do is talk to your consultant about your goals and organizational needs, and once you’ve done this, we can help you adjust your IT accordingly.

For some specific savings related to managed IT services, let’s consider some of the following numbers: Small businesses without an in-house dedicated IT administrator can save up to 30 percent by working with a managed service provider. This takes into account downtime, the costs of technology fixes when it malfunctions, and overall productivity. Medium-sized businesses that might have an in-house IT resource can take on a co-managed service and save about 20 percent while freeing up onsite IT administrators for other tasks or purposes, like implementing new solutions or day-to-day maintenance. In fact, according to a poll conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association, partnering with an MSP is almost certain to save your organization money on its technology expenses. 96 percent of businesses that use an MSP today pay less for and get more out of their technology than they did previously. 

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