Tip of the Week: Find the Right Spot for Your Router

A reliable wireless connection is central to your productivity, whether you are in-house working in the office or at home working remotely. Therefore, your router placement will be of considerable importance. Let’s discuss some best practices you can implement to make sure your router is placed in the best place possible for the strongest signal.

Keep Your Router in a Central Location

If you want to cover your entire building with your wireless router, placing it at one end of the office is not going to cut it. The signal projects outward in all directions, so your office will likely have problems connecting to the network if you do this. Plus, you have to account for walls and other obstructions that could block the signal. We recommend placing it in a centralized location so that your business has an even distribution of the wireless signal and everyone has access to it.

Minimize the Obstacles the Signal Will Have

Your wireless signal will project outward from the device, growing weaker and weaker the farther it gets from the device. To make sure it reaches as far as possible, you’ll want to make sure that the device is not in an enclosed space. We know routers aren’t the sexiest pieces of hardware, and you might prefer them to be out of sight, but this is counterproductive to the signal’s strength. Other electronic devices can also get in the way with interference, so do your best to position your router away from them.

Position the Antennas Appropriately

Your antennae position will also play a role in the signal your device outputs. Of course, this is dependent on whether or not your router allows you to adjust them. If you only need your signal to cover the floor that the router is also on, keeping the antennas vertical will be your best bet. If multi-floor coverage is required, angling them slightly (to about a 30-degree angle) may be best.

It might seem tiresome to optimize your wireless signals, but it will ultimately be worth it when you go to get work done. To get some help with this, reach out to SRS Networks at (831) 758-3636.

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