Three Strategies to Improve Security if You Have Remote Workers

The question of whether or not you are ready to handle the many challenges presented by cybersecurity is not up for debate; if you don’t have dedicated IT resources allocated toward security, you will fail to keep your business safe when it comes to a head. Here are some ways you can keep your business secure, even when part of your infrastructure is remote.

Security is Complex and Challenging

First, you need to understand the breadth of the solutions available to you. Once you realize this, it becomes inexcusable not to protect your network.

Virtual Private Networks

VPNs allow your company to connect to your in-house resources even while out of the office in a secure and safe manner. It does so using an encrypted tunnel that secures your data while it’s traveling to and from your business’ site of operations. Only approved devices with the decryption key can unscramble the data. Needless to say, a VPN is an integral tool in any remote operational plan.

VPNs aren’t just used by remote workers, though. They are great for anyone who frequently conducts business outside the comfort of the in-house network, whether it’s a traveling businessperson or someone who needs to respond to urgent matters while out of the office.

Hardware Solutions Approved by IT

Of course, you want to also ensure that all devices accessing your infrastructure are approved by IT, as well, on both the software and hardware fronts. When all devices must first be approved by IT, your team can ensure that security is kept at the top of your business’ mind at all times.

That said, remote workers might use their own personal devices and solutions if they think it’s too much of a hassle to use your business’ designated tools. It’s up to you to make sure that even these employees have access to effective and secured methods of utilizing your company’s resources.

Up-to-Date Software Solutions

You don’t have control over the devices you don’t have access to or directly manage. Remote workers are notorious for forgetting to update their operating systems, software solutions, and even firmware, leading to security issues that could easily be solved.

Of course, monitoring your solutions is equally important, if only to make sure that the security efforts of your organization are being effective.

We Make Comprehensive IT Security Easy

In short, some good common-sense security solutions will do a lot of good for your business, even if they seem basic by design. You’ll want to ensure that you have antivirus, firewalls, content blocking, and spam filtering tools in place to act as preventative measures against any and all threats, combined with other solutions like password management and multi-factor authentication to make the biggest difference for your organization.

We’re Here to Help Businesses Operate Effectively and Securely, Regardless of Where Their Team Members are Working

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