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Three Accessible Tools Enterprises Rely On

To the layperson, a business is a business is a business. From your customers to your employees, they don’t always view businesses on a sliding scale. For the enterprise business, this is an advantage, since most digital tools are developed with the B2B enterprise space in mind. For the small business, there are definitely times when the software they use is more than they will ever need and it can be more expensive than they would normally need. In today’s blog, we’ll go through a few technologies that enterprise businesses use that small businesses can use too. 

Cloud Services

For the small business, cloud computing services make for a good option to help reduce upfront costs of computing infrastructure. The enterprise has been employing cloud computing for over a decade at this point, but now offerings have evolved to give smaller businesses a similar product, even if the platforms are managed by the service provider. 

Wireless Networking

Nowadays, wireless connectivity is extremely important for most enterprises. It stands to reason that if they are willing to roll out wireless Internet services, that small businesses should be at least considering doing the same. Providing access to staff and to visitors, and doing everything that is essential to keep these connections secure, is not always as time and resource intensive as keeping wired connections managed, making it more affordable, a benefit for smaller businesses that have less capital to play with. 

Advances to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most important strategies for an enterprise IT team. This is because, with thousands upon thousands of endpoints and armies of hackers looking to break into them, they need to be hyper-aware of everything. Smaller businesses aren’t targeted as much, but they are still targets, and a cyberattack can still be extremely serious. In fact, for the small business, the chances that a cyberattack or data breach could be a death knell for the endeavor are much higher than that of an enterprise business. Keeping up to date on password management, software security, and IT training is a must for all small businesses, just as it is for enterprises. 

Just because your business hasn’t cracked the Fortune 500, doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean something to your employees and the people in your community that depend on it. Ensuring that your IT strategies are current and your strategies are sound is extremely important, especially today with so many small businesses being asked to do more with less. If you would like to have a conversation about some tools and strategies you can use to get the most out of your IT, give us a call today at (831) 758-3636.


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