These eco-friendly Apple watch bands offer a sustainable update

The watch bands are made of 100 percent biodegradable Elastic material, so after you’re done with it, it will completely degrade, leaving no trash. It’s fantastic to know that a product won’t pollute our seas or our earth. It is a significant plus for us.

The pricing is also lower than that of official Apple Watch bands, particularly for the three-pack deal, which saves $35. This is an even stronger incentive since you save money and decrease waste.

The bands are adorable, and if you’re a Pela lover like us, you can match your phone case, AirPods case, and Apple Watch bands. If you enjoy altering your color scheme, there’s no harm in purchasing extra bands because the items are waste-free. Furthermore, the procedure for connecting the magnetic metal clasps is straightforward (we’ll go over this later).

We’re enthusiastic about Pela’s advances toward sustainable tech accessories since they keep plastic out of the oceans and landfills while keeping you and your equipment fashionable.

The setup for watch bands

It takes two steps to attach your Pela watch bands, which are intended to suit 38mm and 40mm watches, to your Apple Watch. Unlike the Apple straps, these will not just slide into the watch band attachment.

Because magnetic metal connections are easy to swap between bands, your bands come with them. This is an effort to be more sustainable.

The metal lug, which slips into the band’s perforations for size, effortlessly snaps into place.

The quick-release metal clasps make it simple to attach the clasps to your watch. One section of the clasp detaches, allowing you to insert the first half into the top of the band. Insert the opposite part and close the clasp. The bands may then be put into your watch.

The bands are only available in one size, which we found to be equivalent to Apple’s S/M size. We also discovered that we utilized the same measurement as with the Apple bands.

Sizes aren’t being added to the range, so it’d be wonderful if there were more options.

The wear

Pela’s watch bands are flexible, but they take time to mold to your wrist.

When you initially put them on, they’re a little stiff and will hold your watch higher up on your wrist, but after about a week, they become more flexible and adapt to the contour of your wrist. This allowed the watch to be worn lower on the wrist.

They’re flexible enough that you won’t have to push them to bend when you put them on after charging. The band tucks into a slightly elevated slot after you’ve sized it on your wrist, making it more comfortable to wear. It allowed the remaining band to slide into it without causing the opposite band to tighten up.

For everyday use, they operate as expected. While strength training and jogging, we also put the bands to the test. Because the watch mainly stayed in place during our workout and we didn’t have to change it, it didn’t interfere with our training.

The bands did not interact with the Apple Watch’s sensor as a result of this. They also did not retain any extra sweat or experience any discomfort when exercising.

The watch straps were comfy in general. They were snug but not too tight, so they didn’t slip around or move away from the middle of the wrist.

We had a complete range of motion, so we didn’t have to pull the watch band as tight around our wrists as we did with our prior bands.

Final thoughts

Pela watch bands, including the Apple Watch Band, are unquestionably a good step toward a more sustainable tech accessory assortment.

The watch bands come in five different colors, allowing you to match your brand to one of Pela’s 100 percent biodegradable phone covers. The color palette is conventional, with a mix of bright and neutral tones.

We like these bands because of how simple they are to put on and how comfortable they are to wear. The fact that we won’t be adding to the ocean’s plastic pollution. Pela has added Apple Watch bands to its product portfolio, which we’re happy about because sustainable technology and accessories are on the increase.

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