The Productivity Suite Brings a Lot of Value to Any Organization

One of the most underrated tools your business can implement to facilitate day-to-day productivity is, well, a productivity suite. If this is a term you haven’t heard before, you can think of it as an overarching term for solutions like the Microsoft Office products or Google Workspace apps. Basically, it’s all of your necessary productivity tools in one location, and having one can be an incredibly valuable investment for your business.

In essence, a productivity suite is a collection of tools that can help your team work efficiently and effectively.

Improved Capacity for Collaboration

People work best when they have access to shared tools and resources, and nothing makes sharing and collaboration easier than productivity suites. Many of them offer sharing and collaboration tools built right into their solutions. For example, with the cloud-based application Google Docs, users can write, edit, and comment on or suggest things right in the documents themselves, in real-time. Furthermore, there are other collaboration tools built right into the productivity suite that play well with the productivity apps to enable further communication.

Greater Efficiency and Accessibility

Most productivity suites can be accessed whether they are on your desktop, on your laptop, or even on your smartphone. This enhanced accessibility is great not just for the in-house worker, but for the remote one as well. The flexibility allowed by these types of applications makes for a great solution that can help your organization be more effective. Furthermore, since productivity suites are generally hosted in the cloud, they can be accessed even through a web browser, meaning that you don’t even necessarily need the apps installed to be productive with the software.

Better Cost Savings

Imagine having to purchase multiple different licenses for every single productivity application your organization uses. How many of them can be bundled together into one effective solution? Productivity suites are generally more cost-effective than purchasing individual licenses because you get multiple solutions per instance of the suite, making them a better investment. You can take these savings further with a cloud-based solution that automatically provides you with updated and maintained applications.

SRS Networks can help to equip your business with the best and most appropriate productivity suites on the market. We’ll work with your organization to ensure your solutions meet your business’ specific needs. To learn more, give us a call at (831) 758-3636.

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