The best Window theme and features

Windows Insiders are discovering new ways to personalize the new Windows OS as the beta version of Windows 11 continues to trickle out ahead of the official release on October 5. Microsoft's decision to add widgets to the home screen and expand the customization options in the start menu is part of the reason behind this. We'll look at another type of personalization that clients enjoy: Windows themes, in this session. Here are some of our current Windows 11 favorites, along with explanations for why we appreciate them.

Explore native Windows 11 themes first

The design of Windows 11 is significantly different from that of Windows 10, with more softened edges, fewer congested menu displays, and a streamlined, pleasant appearance. New themes designed expressly for Windows 11 are included in this design, and we recommend starting your theme search here. These themes are beautifully crafted, require no additional downloads, and look fantastic.

Flow is the default theme, which you may have seen in early previews of Windows 11. Glow, an eclipse-like package that cycles through various colors; and Morning, a collection of tundra-based sunrise photos, are two of our favorites.

To locate them in Windows 11, click to Personalization, then Themes. Examine all of them to see which ones catch your curiosity the most.

Remember that, in addition to your visual theme, It includes a specific dark mode that you may use if desired. You can even make your own wallpapers with the Custom Theme option. It lets you choose a background picture and adjust the highlight colors to match. This is a terrific choice for people who want to invest some time into creating a one-of-a-kind theme.

Monterey SkinPack for MacOS

Windows users have already remarked that Windows 11 looks to absorb some of MacOS' UI design elements. If you prefer Apple's approach to a minimalist UI and wish Windows was more like it, then SkinPack is for you. It's particularly designed with colors and highlights to seem like MacOS Monterey. It even contains taskbar and icon changes to look like MacOS content.

The bundle may be a little too far for some Windows users, but if you like MacOS's file and folder structure or are considering converting from MacOS to Windows, there's a lot to like here.

SkinPack for Ubuntu Light

On the other hand, perhaps you favor the Linux-based aesthetics of Ubuntu and would feel perfectly at home if Windows 11 resembled that open-source foundation. In such a scenario, this Ubuntu Light SkinPack is an excellent choice. The conventional menu style, left-side vertical taskbar, and classic icons are all present, allowing Ubuntu users to easily transition to Windows 11 while increasing navigation for those who are already familiar with Ubuntu.

The theme of Autumn Animals

The Microsoft Store does offer its own selection of themes. They are often a collection of themed images that may be used as a revolving wallpaper theme. They were designed for Windows 10, but they are fully compatible with Windows 11. It allow you to choose your favorite background subjects. This Animals in Autumn collection is one of our favorites for celebrating the season — even if it does not fall — with suitable imagery, like elk and chipmunks, as well as cheerful dogs playing in the leaves.

The theme of Polar Animals

This animals-in-the-snow theme is great for honoring nature's chilly and lovely side. If you like snow leopards, polar bears, snowshoe hares, and other animals that live in frigid environments, you'll adore this well-designed theme.

The Take a Moment theme

The Take a Moment theme offers tranquil photos of individuals interacting with nature. It creates a Zen-like environment on your home screen. Every image, whether it's a bicycle on a forest road, a hand running through a stream, or a tent placed in Patagonia, is intended to evoke the same sense of connection to the world's beauty.

Blissful Windows 11 Nostalgia

The renowned Windows XP Bliss wallpaper may be the pinnacle of Windows themes for long-time Windows users. You're in luck if you've never discovered anything to top the original green meadow and azure sky. This wallpaper has been updated to be compatible with operating systems such as Windows 11. Make it a part of a customized theme to adjust other highlights as needed, and enjoy the past in the present!

The 3D theme for Windows 11

This popular 3D theme for Windows 10 is still a fantastic option for Windows 11, especially if you enjoy 3D modeling. While there's nothing really innovative here. It's a good selection of creative pictures that illustrate the capabilities of 3D editing while being compatible with Windows 11.

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