The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Reduced noise around you is the difference between suffering and enjoying a journey for regular fliers or commuters on public transportation. Noise-canceling headphones might help you hear your music better and relax a bit more. Depending on whatever headphone type you choose, we recommend the over-ear Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 and the in-ear 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro.

The Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones 700:

It’s the greatest set of wireless noise-canceling headphones Bose has ever made. These headphones are pricey, but we believe they’re well worth the money for regular travelers who value performance and comfort. They provide greater noise suppression, as well as more adjustability than any other noise-canceling headphones we’ve tested. If you discover that strong noise cancellation generates a sensation of pressure or discomfort (what we term “eardrum suck”), or if you just want a bit more awareness of your surroundings—you have more flexibility to select a level that works for you.

These noise-canceling headphones also offer a lightweight design that makes them pleasant to wear for extended periods of time. As well as an easy-to-use combination of touch controls and physical buttons that you can use without looking. If you need to use an in-flight entertainment system, for example, you may use them in wired mode with the ANC turned on. They also fold flat for easy storing in the included case. They are not, however, without flaws. The sound quality is outstanding but not as crisp as the best over-ear headphones we’ve tried. The app is difficult to use. The battery life isn’t the best we’ve seen—though, at 20 hours, it’ll get you through a long trip.

1More ANC Pro Dual Driver

The 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro is an enhanced version of our previous earbud recommendation, making it excellent for commuters. These collar-style Bluetooth earphones (connected by a flexible band) filter out an astonishing amount of noise. They have enough battery life to endure through a lengthy journey and beyond. (1More claims 20 hours with noise canceling turned off and 16 hours with it turned on, which is consistent with our findings.) After only 10 minutes of plug-in time, the quick-charge mode will provide you with three hours of use. These earbuds may also be used corded, with active noise cancellation turned on or off, for flights when you wish to use an in-flight entertainment system. The voice-enhancement mode allows you to carry on a conversation without having to remove the headphones simply touching a button. Wireless earbuds had a hard-plastic collar (such as the Bose QuietControl 30). This set’s flexible collar allows it to coil up small enough to fit into a trouser pocket.

Noise-Canceling-Anker’s Soundcore Life Q20

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 over-ear Bluetooth headphones deliver strong noise suppression without the frills. The noise cancellation is effective, the sound quality is decent (if bass-heavy), and the lightweight chassis and soft foam earcups are comfortable. For a tablet at any price range, the 30-hour battery life is amazing. The controls are simple to use, and the headphones may be utilized in wired mode. Despite the absence of EQ manipulation, configurable ANC, touch controls, and always-listening voice activation, the Life Q20 meets the ANC-headphone standards. They provide a fantastic level of sound for a fraction of the price. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for customized EQ and a hear-through mode, the enhanced Soundcore Life Q20+ works just as well.

1More True Wireless (ANC)

True wireless earbuds aren’t our first choice for noise cancellation, but we understand their popularity. The 1More True Wireless ANC is your best choice if you’re searching for a completely wireless set of noise-canceling earbuds. This pair is the most effective for filtering out airline noise. Since the buds are tiny and fit firmly and securely in your ears, as well as the audio quality. The charging case is USB-C and Qi charging compatible, and the controls are easier than others. However, the average battery capacity of 5 hours (longer if ANC is turned off) is far lower than that of our other choices. You can’t use these earbuds in wired mode. You’ll have to use a Bluetooth transmitter to use them with in-flight audio systems.

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