The 5 Important Features You Need in Your Video Conferencing Tool

Video conferencing has become commonplace over the past few years, even as people return to their offices in the downturn of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations had their hand forced into finding solutions for remote workers and it turns out that video conferencing has been a viable one. Today, we will go through some of the features you need to have in an effective video conferencing solution. 

VoIP Integration and Instant Messaging 

Obviously, a video conferencing system is one of the best and most effective communications tools out there, but if it doesn’t have integrated person-to-person chat or direct calling, it may not be giving your employees the functionality that they could use to be more productive and collaborative. 

HD Video Recording

If you’ve been using some type of video conferencing solution for a while, you know all about how terrible the video connection could be on antiquated models. Today’s video conferencing platform should have high definition video so that you can clearly see other people on the call and the information being broadcasted. 

Additionally, some meetings should be recorded so that people that couldn’t make the meeting can watch it at a later date. A lot of video conferencing solutions will allow you to record meetings, but some also come with a fair amount of integrated cloud storage, which can provide even more value. 

Screen Sharing

Another feature that needs to be integrated into your business’ video conferencing system is the ability to share your screen and switch presenters in-meeting. This is a very valuable feature that allows meeting attendees to get more engaged with the meeting and provides presenters an easy-to-use function to get their information across without hassle. 

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