Twitter Starting Paid Subscription for trendy twets

Following the opening of applications in June, Twitter is now unveiling Super Follows, a premium membership option.

According to the function, which was first introduced in February, users can subscribe to accounts they like for a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content. Super Follows is another tool in the increasing patchwork of money prospects available to producers on social media.

Eligible accounts can charge $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month for Super Follow memberships. It is similar to the cost of a premium newsletter. They may then choose to make some tweets exclusive to subscribers while still communicating with their unpaid followers on a regular basis.

In a sea of tweets, the emergence of a distinguishing Super Follower logo will distinguish premium subscribers from unpaid followers. By seeing the emblem in responses, followers may engage directly with accounts they wish to support. A separate button will appear on the profile page for accounts that have Super Follows enabled.

Super Follows are not available to all users. For the time being, the application process is still open, with a waitlist. To be eligible for the option, which can be found on the app's sidebar under Monetization, users must be based in the United States and have at least 10,000 followers and 25 tweets in the last month.

iOS Twitter users in the US and Canada will be able to Super Follow certain accounts starting today.  They will have the capability to roll out to other users globally in the following weeks. Super Follows is only available for iOS right now, with Android and desktop compatibility "coming soon."

Super Follow profits, according to Twitter, will be subject to Apple's or Google's usual, if disputed, 30% in-app purchase costs. For the first $50,000 earned by Super Follows, Twitter will only take a 3% share of revenues. It is a huge plus for smaller accounts just starting started or anybody who utilizes the paid Twitter feature to augment other sources of income. Twitter will take a 20% part of a user's revenue after they hit $50,000.

Super Follows isn't the first time Twitter has experimented with monetizing. In May, Twitter debuted Tip Jar, which allows users to accept one-time contributions via the Cash App and other payment channels. For the time being, the test is confined to a group of qualified accounts, including "creators, journalists, experts, and charities."

Users who applied for the premium audio room functionality back in June received Ticketed Spaces last week. Twitter's share from Ticketed Spaces will be similar to its Super Follows price structure, with users allowed to charge anything from one dollar to $999 for early tickets.

After a long period of product stagnation, the social network has sparked a frenzy of activity with this product.

Giving consumers the option to pay for premium content is a significant move for Twitter. It had generally stuck to its guns until activist shareholders tried to unseat CEO Jack Dorsey. It's also a big step for the corporation into the hot creator market. More platforms add tools to let users make a career by creating content, with the goal of keeping them loyal and generating income.

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