Future iPhones May Get Reverse Wireless Charging, But Not How We Expected

Apple is working on reverse wireless charging technology, which will allow iPhones to power other devices via the front display.

Apple may be working on reverse wireless charging technology, which would allow iPhones to power other devices via the front display. Reverse wireless charging is a handy feature seen on several Android phones, but it is conspicuously lacking from Apple's iPhones. Apple has long been rumored to provide iPhones with reverse wireless charging, but this has yet to happen. It may, however, become a feature of iPhones in the not-too-distant future, if recent improvements are any clue.

Apple is not always the first to market with new technology. But when it does, it does it after extensive research and thought. It is one such technology that has been featured in several Android devices in recent years. So it's no surprise that Apple is also working on it to possibly include it in future models. However, given that the patent application was only recently submitted, it is still extremely early.

According to a new Apple patent filing, the corporation is working on a new reverse wireless charging technique for future iPhones. Unlike previous smartphones that offer reverse wireless charging. However, Apple's new technology will allow users to charge other devices wirelessly via the front display rather than the back cover. Surprisingly, the paper also suggests that the feature will entail reserving a section of the screen just for reverse wireless charging, with the rest of the screen being used for display purposes.

Exciting Possibilities are Made Possible by the Patent                                                 

The patent application's pictures appear to show an Apple Pencil resting on a display, hinting that's how the company plans to charge it. Charging a pen or wristwatch by just placing it on a phone or tablet is an intriguing concept. It will almost certainly be embraced if Apple can make it work in a commercial product. Currently, users must clamp the Apple Pencil to the top of an iPad to charge it wirelessly. But the new method might make the process much easier.

The new technology has the potential to open up a slew of new possibilities. It will be some time before it finds its way into consumer goods. The patent application was only recently submitted. It might be several years before it appears in a commercial product, if at all. On December 30, the patent paperwork was released on the official USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) website. It credits eight inventors with coming up with the idea.

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