Over Wordle? Try One of These Other Puzzle Games

Are you done with Wordle? Want to add a new game to your routine? There are several to choose from.

Players must correctly anticipate a five-letter word using Wordle in six or fewer trials. The game shows grey blocks for erroneous letters, yellow blocks for correct letters in the wrong location, and green blocks for correct letters in the right place after each guess. It’s compulsive, but you have to wait until the next day to play again after you’ve finished the daily puzzle or used all of your guesses.

You’ve probably already picked up a few tips, techniques, and lessons from the famous word game, so why not put your freshly honed problem-solving abilities to use on other puzzles? After all, Wordle isn’t the only game in the town.

Wordle spinoffs include Octordle, Quordle, Sedecordle, and Dordle.

Are you up for a challenge? If you like Wordle and want a puzzle game that requires more mental capacity, try Octordle, Quordle, Sedecordle, and Dordle. Each of these four-word games appears to be a variation on Wordle, but with additional rows, columns, and words to solve.

Any web browser may be used to play Octordle, Quordle, Sedecordle, and Dordle.

  1. Word Master

With a small change, this Wordle replica allows you six attempts to identify a five-letter word. Word Master employs the same grey, yellow, and green blocks as the original. What distinguishes it from Wordle? Word Master provides endless games, eliminating the need to wait 24 hours.

Word Master is playable in any web browser.

  1. Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl, yet another Wordle clone gives you six guesses and utilizes the same colored blocks to chart your progress. Hello Wordl, in addition to endless games, allows you to modify the number of letters in the word you’re guessing. Guess a four-letter word, or utilize the in-game slider to get an 11-letter word. Regardless of how lengthy a word is, you receive six attempts to guess.

Hello Wordl is playable in any web browser.

  1. Lewdle

The content advisory for Lewdle states, “Lewdle is a game about nasty phrases.” Play Wordle if the use of vulgarity, profanity, or obscenity offends you. Similar to Wordle, but with foul language. The vocabulary spans from words that would make a sailor blush to mild terminology (like poopy). Despite the game’s frequent use of profanity, slurs are not included. Similar to Wordle, there are six opportunities to identify a five-letter word, the use of grey, yellow, and green blocks is the same, and there is only one challenge every day. Let your bad words fly!

Lewdle is playable on any web browser.

  1. Absurdle

Wordle’s “adversarial variant,” according to Absurdle. Absurdle, according to the game’s website, “is purposely striving to resist giving you the solution,” whereas Wordle gently guides you with each guess. At the beginning of the game, Absurdle does not pick a word for the player to guess. Instead, it uses the players’ guesses to reduce the scope of its list of concepts, extending the duration of the game. It’s possible that the final word won’t even include a yellow letter from one of your earlier tries. The best score is four guesses, and you can guess as many as you like, which is advantageous. Enjoy your time!

Absurdle is playable in any web browser.

  1. Crosswordle

Wordle is entertaining, but what if it included a crossword puzzle? Crosswordle comes into play. You must figure out two words of varying lengths that connect like a crossword puzzle in this Wordle-inspired game. The grey, yellow, and green color blocks are all the same, and each day there is one problem. However, it appears that you can guess as many times as you like until either you get the words or you give up. Crosswordle, unlike other Wordle-based games, allows you to design your Crosswordle puzzle to share with your friends. Here’s one I created. As if Crosswordle wasn’t difficult enough, the Settings page indicates that the devs are working on a Hard Mode.

Crosswordle is playable in any web browser.

  1. Lordle of the Rings

Lordle of the Rings is for Tolkien fans who wish to participate in the Wordle fun. The grey, yellow, and green blocks have arrived, and players now have six attempts to identify a five-letter word from the core Lord of the Rings book. Places like Rohan, well-known figures like Frodo and Smaug, and lesser-known ones like Turin, Hurin, and Idril are all possible possibilities. There is just one puzzle every day, however, you can play it several times on the same day if you wish.

Lord of the Rings is playable in any web browser.

  1. Primel

Primel is for you if you are more of a numbers guy. You get six chances to estimate a five-digit prime number in this game. There is just one issue every day, and the color blocks of grey, yellow, and green have returned. The fact that this game only accepts prime numbers as guesses, which are demanding on their own, makes it much more difficult. You’ll undoubtedly be confused once the Wordle component is included.

Primel is playable on any web browser.

  1. Nerdle

Nerdle is another alternative for those who enjoy numbers. This time, though, you must guess the math equation and solution. You have six opportunities to predict the equation and solution. The equation must also be mathematically sound, so remember PEMDAS. Following each guess, the numbers or symbols that are in the equation correctly will be green; those that are in the equation incorrectly will be purple, and those that are not in the equation will be black. You have to wait eight hours after finishing one challenge before moving on to the next. Here’s a thought: The issue always contains the “=” sign. After that, you’ll be able to thank us.

Nerdle is playable on any web browser.

  1. Worldle

Do you dislike words or numbers? Give Worldle a chance. This Wordle spinoff provides you six chances to determine which nation or area is shown. Instead of the grey, yellow, and green blocks that reveal letters or numbers after each guess, you see the direction, distance, and proximity percent. Using Chile as an example, Worldle may display 13,557 kilometers and a 32% arrow heading northeast. This means that the relevant nation or territory has a closeness rating of 32% and is 13,557 kilometers northeast of Chile. To put it another way, you’re freezing. There is just one challenge every day, and you may make the game more difficult by hiding the nation’s identity or randomly swapping the nations presented.

Worldle is playable in any web browser.

  1. Heardle

Can you identify a song after only a few seconds of listening to it? Heardle was designed specifically for you. In this game, a song from a list of widely streamed artists is selected, one second of the song is played, and you must name the song. You have six guesses, and each incorrect guess unlocks more of the music. You can also skip a turn, which unlocks more of the music. Once you’ve solved or missed the task, a timer will display the amount of time till the next puzzle.

Heardle is playable in any web browser.

  1. Name That Ride

Are you a car enthusiast who knows the difference between a ’55 and a ’57 Chevy Bel Air? You should give Name That Ride a go. As more of the automobile in the photograph is shown, you have 20 seconds and six guesses to identify it. When you’re confident that you recognize the automobile in the picture, click Guess to stop the countdown and input your answer. Even if you don’t know a car’s year, you may make an educated guess thanks to a pre-set list of vehicles.

Name That Ride is playable in any web browser.

  1. Framed

If you can tell what movie is playing by looking at a few frames, Framed is worth a shot. You must guess the name of a movie from a succession of frames in this game. There are six guesses, and each incorrect guess displays a new frame from the movie. You may also go back and re-examine the frames by clicking on them. In my experience, the frames progress from vague to more detailed. There is a predetermined selection of movies to guess from, similar to other games on this list, which might assist narrow down what the movie is without needing a guess.

Framed is playable in any web browser.

  1. Words With Friends

What kind of word game list would this be without this timeless classic? Words With Friends is a virtual Scrabble game that has remained popular for more than a decade after its first release. The player with the most points at the end wins. You and your opponent, who might be another person or a machine, utilizing letters to build words on the board for points.

Words With Friends may be downloaded from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or played in any online browser.

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