One Benefit of Managed Services that Isn’t Talked About Enough

Let me ask you a question: how well can you multitask?

Regardless of what you may claim, I already know the answer, and it’s “not very well at all.” Multitasking just isn’t how the human brain is wired to work. So, why am I discussing the limits that our brain’s physiology places on it? Honestly, because it’s related to a major benefit that managed services provide that tends to fly under the radar.

Namely, managed services allow you to devote less of your focus on your IT, and more on your actual responsibilities as a business owner or manager.

“No, I Really Can Multitask, I Promise!”

In fairness, you may be one of the few outliers who can manage more than one task at once…and when I say “the few,” I mean about 2.5% of people.

 If you aren’t one of those 2.5%, what you perceive as “multitasking” is actually just your brain rapidly switching between however many tasks you’re trying to juggle. The more complex these assorted tasks are, the less effectively the brain can switch between them—and as a result, your performance suffers across the board.

How This Might Affect You in the Workplace

Okay, so now that we’ve established that trying to accomplish numerous things at once, juggling these responsibilities as you’re “multitasking” has a negative impact on outcomes, let’s consider some of the things that might be demanding you to split your attention:

  • As the boss, you need to ensure that everyone else is doing what they need to do to accomplish your organizational goals…and if you’ve delegated this responsibility to management, you still need to be sure that your managers are doing what you expect them to—not micromanaging, per se, but coordinating them.
  • As the boss, you will need to serve as the face of the company, which means that you’re likely reaching out to the community, clients, and vendors to some degree.
  • As the boss, you need to ensure that your business is abiding by the applicable laws and regulations that apply to it.
  • As the boss, the direction of your sales and marketing efforts ultimately falls to your discretion.

Now, do you really want IT support added to this already significant (and far from comprehensive) list? I certainly wouldn’t.

With Managed Services, You Can Be Confident that Your IT is Supported, Strategized, and Secure…

…all without you having to do much to get it there. Really, all you have to do is give us a call. We’ll be there to remotely take care of the various needs that your IT infrastructure presents you with, and on-call if any of your team members require support.

Give us a call at (831) 758-3636 to learn more about how you can benefit from our managed services.

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