MosaicLoader Is Being Used to Authorize Hacker Access

While some threats don’t waste any time when they install themselves on your devices, like ransomware and malware, others tend to lurk in the background on your device and cause problems without being detected. A threat called MosaicLoader is one such threat, and it’s a pretty serious issue for businesses.

According to BitDefender, a cybersecurity company, MosaicLoader is capable of stealing passwords, mining cryptocurrency, installing trojan malware, and more on affected computers. This malware targets the Windows operating system.

MosaicLoader is a strange malware because it is distributed in a much different manner. Most forms are distributed through phishing attacks and unpatched software vulnerabilities, but MosaicLoader primarily spreads through advertisements. These advertisements appear when users search for cracked versions of popular software solutions.

Cracked software solutions are versions of software where the license is not needed. Generally, when you purchase a software solution, you are granted permission to use it with a license. If you don’t have the license, the software may not operate as intended. Employees might choose to download cracked software when they require access to some application to do their job, but their license has expired, forcing them to make a tough decision.

MosaicLoader infects machines that download these cracked software versions and then starts to steal the passwords, mine cryptocurrency, or install trojan backdoors on the devices. All of this allows hackers an astounding amount of remote control over the device. The goal seems to be to sell compromised Windows machines to the highest bidder, as well as to spread the malware and gain control over as many devices as possible.

Theoretically, these plans can be foiled if enough people keep the malware from installing on their devices, which is why it’s so important that you take measures to protect your company and inform your users of these types of threats.

There are two ways you can prevent this malware from spreading. First, make sure that your employees have the tools they need to be successful throughout the workday. This malware spreads through advertisements for cracked software, so if you give your team the tools to keep them from seeking out this software, then you’ll have an easier time keeping them safe while they perform their day-to-day tasks.

Second, you should implement comprehensive security solutions and network monitoring to keep an eye on your systems. It’s been proven time and again that these preventative measures are critical to keeping your business infrastructure secure, so we recommend you implement them as soon as possible. SRS Networks can help make this happen for you. To learn more, reach out to us at (831) 758-3636.

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