Browser wars: Microsoft Edge is beginning to steal users from Google Chrome

According to new research, Microsoft Edge is slowly but steadily luring users away from Google Chrome, which has dominated the online browser market for years.

According to Statcounter’s most recent data, Microsoft Edge’s market share surpassed 4% for the first time in November, solidifying the browser’s position as the world’s third most popular service (behind only Safari and Chrome).

Meanwhile, Google Chrome was the only major browser to lose market share last month. It falls to 64.04 percent of web traffic from a high of 65.27 percent in the summer.

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge

Of course, the margin between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome remains enormous. The latter is unlikely to relinquish the top rank very soon.

However, Microsoft will be pleased by the performance of its new flagship browser. With which it intends to reclaim a foothold in the browser industry following Internet Explorer’s historic slide.

The new Chromium-based Edge went online last year. Its rise has been propelled in large part by the demise of Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer. Their customers Microsoft deliberately steered towards its new service. To keep growing at this rate, the company needs to find out different ways. The way how to attract consumers away from competitors like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

In recent months, Microsoft has been aggressive in its attempts to sell Edge, leveraging the massive Windows 10 and 11 install bases to increase its user base while also making switching default browsers more difficult (although it has since retreated a little on its position).

In addition, the company has launched a regular stream of new browser capabilities, ranging from new Microsoft 365 connections to money-saving solutions in the run-up to Christmas.

After passing Mozilla’s browser in the rankings for the first time in July. Edge now looks to be effectively supplementing its user base with Chrome converts. Although development is modest, Microsoft’s prospects are bright.

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