Lawyers Can Really Benefit from Technology

Attorneys have a very specific job. They are facilitators, and require that they have access to information and the latest tools to be as efficient as possible. Not only does this allow them to make more money and honor more responsibilities, it helps them to provide the comprehensive legal services their clients demand.

Before we get into the specific technology lawyers use to improve their practices, we need to describe the environment that many lawyers now operate in. Legal services are some of the busiest and most utilized services there are, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it altered the way that many lawyers needed to operate. Many lawyers used technology to go virtual, and it has started a trend—like in many other businesses—that may be the norm going forward. Let’s take a look at five technologies that lawyers can use to work more efficiently and effectively as the world moves to more virtual experiences

Document Management and Automation

Of the technologies that we will go through in this article, document management is one that is required by the job itself, as paperwork is one of the most important parts of practicing law. With document management, there are several features that lawyers can take advantage of. Firstly, document automation tools streamline document creation by using information that has already been captured to populate templates for you. 

Document management itself is extremely useful as it provides a solution to search, view, and edit the many documents a law practice creates and has to keep on file. Every transaction comes with documentation, and for most lawyers, keeping their files organized and easily accessible is a must. At SRS Networks, we can help build a document management solution that any law firm can use to have access to the files and contracts they need from wherever they are on nearly any device. 

VoIP Enabled Video Conferencing

Nowadays, VoIP is an essential technology. Not only does it utilize your business’ excess bandwidth to fuel an enterprise-grade business telephone platform, it provides substantial benefits in the features that are available. This includes video conferencing. Since communication is crucial to a lawyer's success, and a large percentage of people would rather meet virtually than in person, a strong-featured video conferencing solution is a must-have for any law firm. 

Today, there are many video conferencing options out there and the ones that come with VoIP integration give attorneys the ability to control communication more effectively. The best video conferencing solutions for lawyers should be secure, simple to use, and have crystal clear audio, and HD video. There are options that provide end-to-end encryption that are perfect for law firms. 


Not-so-surprisingly, data entry can be a big problem for law firms. Most lawyers—especially those in small practices—need help with keeping their files straight. For a law firm that wants to keep a digital repository of their data to avoid cluttering up the office and to increase security, there are all types of scanners that can be used to input data. There are handheld scanners that won’t cost a business much, and flatbed scanners that are a little more expensive, but can quickly capture full pages, as well as scanning features on today’s dynamic enterprise printing solutions. 

Mobile Devices

Clearly, mobile devices can be very useful for a lot of professionals. In the law field, they can be a complete game-changer. Not only do they present the ability to use applications built directly for attorneys, but they can also access documents, communicate, and store information quickly and easily. Smartphones and tablets are extremely popular tools for the modern attorney, especially with all the technology backing those platforms up.

If your law firm is lagging behind and would like to talk to one of our IT professionals about acquiring the useful and robust technology to enhance your law firm, give SRS Networks a call today at 831-758-3636.