Just Why is It that the Printer Always Seems Broken?

Printers…we love to hate them, particularly when they start presenting operational issues. I mean, come on…it has one job, and it can hardly do that half the time. But why is that?

Let’s dive into what causes this phenomenon.

Generally speaking, there are three umbrellas that most printer failures can be bundled under: a software issue, issues with the physical materials the printer requires, or an issue with the printer’s connectivity.

Software Issues Come in the Form of Missing or Outdated Drivers

It can be easy to look at your printers as just another piece of hardware and forget that they also rely on their own software in order to function properly. This means that this software will eventually need to be improved…something accomplished (at least partially) through drivers—a bit of software that helps the printer communicate more effectively with a computer’s operating system.

Here’s the thing, though: these drivers can suddenly become incompatible with your system. One common cause is operating system updates. It isn’t unheard of for these updates to render your installed drivers moot until you update or reinstall the driver as well…something you may not think to do until you’re encountering issues.

Consumables Like Paper and Ink are Necessary, But Can Create Issues

There’s a secret that printer manufacturers keep that they don’t want you to necessarily know: their money doesn’t come from the sale of the printer. It comes from all the proprietary ink refills you’re required to buy to keep using their product. All the paper you need also won’t come cheap, and can also create malfunctions with your printer—particularly if the paper you are using is the wrong size or thickness, misaligns inside the printer itself, or the printer’s rollers wind up blocked.

Attempts to Hide a Printer Often Interfere with Connectivity

It isn’t exactly a secret that printers can be loud, which can lead to a significant distraction in the office. As a result, there’s going to be some temptation to keep the printer squirreled out of the way—perhaps hidden in a cabinet, or under a desk.

We strongly recommend that you do not do that, however, due to the connectivity issues that can interrupt wireless signals if there’s too much around it. This is exactly why we always recommend that you keep your network equipment out in the open and centralized in your work area to optimize the available signal.

Whether It’s Your Printer or Any Other Part of Your IT Infrastructure, We’re Here to Help

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