IT Service Providers Can Do A Lot for Your Organization’s Physical Security

You can’t always plan for data security, especially if your business doesn’t have professionals on-hand who know the security ins and outs of your industry. The usual methods, like passwords, firewalls, antivirus, and so on, may work for a while, but they are far from the end-all-be-all for network security. What are you doing for the physical security of your business?

While it is certainly important to protect your company’s infrastructure, it is also critical that your business protect its physical location. Some companies have guards and security cameras in place, helping them in preventing a physical security breach. If you don’t have these measures in place, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to assess just how well you are protecting your company’s infrastructure. Considering how comprehensive network security can be, it makes sense that criminals would opt to use more traditional breaking-and-entering methods when possible.

Plus, you might want to consider everyone the perfect employee, but there is a very real possibility that you have a couple of bad apples on your staff who might try to steal business resources. While we think that trusting your employees is well and good, you should still take the necessary physical security precautions when you can to mitigate the chances of a security breach. Even something as simple as a locked door or filing cabinet can deter employees from making questionable choices.

Basically, you need to take a dual approach and consider both digital security and physical security for the following reasons:

  • Data access is restricted to those within your organization, but even the best employees make mistakes.
  • A tiered approach means that employees only have permission to access data they need for their immediate work responsibilities.
  • Knowing who is accessing devices and data, as well as when they are doing so, can help you to resolve issues as they occur.

There are certain situations where it helps to have both physical and digital security solutions in place. Access control limits who can access specific information, meaning that if data is corrupted or missing, you’ll know who is responsible for it. If it’s not an employee, you’ll know that their credentials have been compromised and used by a hacker. Access monitoring can help you determine who is accessing data, as well as where they are located. Essentially, if someone is accessing your data from another country, or if it’s during odd times, you’ll know you have a digital security issue to address.

Similarly, physical security allows you to keep track of who is accessing sensitive locations within your office. If something disappears on you, it helps to have a cloud-based security system that can show you high-resolution digital playback of who accessed the location. Having a little bit of context for the situation also helps, so having access logs can make a big difference here, too.

In order to maximize security of your data and your infrastructure, digital or physical, you’ll need both types of security enabled. To learn how you can take advantage of these services and solutions, reach out to SRS Networks at (831) 758-3636

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