How Imagining the Worst-Case Scenario Now, Can Protect Your Business From Its Impacts

It’s a known fact that businesses do not want to imagine what might happen under the absolute worst conditions, but it is something that comes with the territory of being a business owner. If you don’t plan for the worst, it could potentially place your company at risk. How can you prepare yourself for the struggles that come with disaster recovery?

The Worst-Case Scenario

Let’s begin today’s blog with a little thought exercise. For this, it is important to project well beyond what you expect might happen to your business and consider what the absolute worst-case scenario is. Maybe your office gets struck by a bolt of lightning, damaging your electrical infrastructure and causing mass hardware failure for your important business technology.

Let’s add another layer to this disaster. What if your business’ office is hosted in an old building with shoddy electrical work? What if this electrical catastrophe sparked a structural fire? Unfortunately, the crews were not able to save much in terms of the building itself, so it will have to be gutted and you will have to find another location for a new office.

On top of all that, an important management executive or other C-suite employee has been missing ever since the structural fire. This executive was responsible for so much behind the scenes and their loss is devastating to the company. What are you supposed to do when you lose such an important leader and thought figure within the company? When there is no clear leader and nobody knows what to do, how can your business expect to ever recover?

To combat these worst-case scenarios, minor issues, and everything in between, we recommend that your business have a business continuity plan. So, what goes into a business continuity plan and how can you ensure it is pulled off without a hitch?

What Happens with a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan is a comprehensive strategy that your business can implement in the event that a horrific disaster strikes that threatens the existence of your company in its entirety. A business continuity plan is designed to help you preserve your company’s operations and future. There are several components to this, including the technical and resource components, as well as the human resources components.

In other words, your business continuity plan must address the following at a bare minimum:

  • Data required to facilitate operations
  • Technology needed to access that data
  • An office location or contingency plan for hosting operations
  • A chain of command in the event of a disaster
  • A plan that is accessible to all employees involved in the restoration process

Get Started Today!

SRS Networks can assist your business with implementing a business continuity plan and the technology required to achieve it. We can perform a needs assessment and help your company deploy it effectively. To learn more, reach out to us at (831) 758-3636.

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