Google protests €500 million ($592 million) fine by French regulators in July for failing to negotiate a deal with news publishers in the nation. In essence, they required Google to hold negotiations with a publisher within three months of receiving a request. They were to determine how much the news organizations should be compensated for having their material shown on Google News. Many prominent news organizations complained about Google conversations. They said that it was not in good faith. They were not appropriately rewarded prompting substantial penalties.

According to previous court records, Google proposed to pay 121 news publishers. The penalty was €64 million ($76 million) over three years to settle the dispute. This offer was plainly insufficient for French agencies as Google protested €500 million ($592 million) fine.

Google France’s CEO verdict over Google protests €500 million fine:

According to Reuters, Google France’s CEO Sebastien Missoffe has expressed his displeasure with the verdict, saying, “We disagree with a number of legal components, and consider that the punishment is disproportionate to our attempts to achieve an agreement and comply with the new law. We are continuing to work hard to resolve this matter and reach agreements. This includes increasing our offerings to 1,200 publications, clarifying certain parts of our contracts, and giving additional data in response to the French Competition Authority’s request.”

The Paris Court of Appeals formally decides the case. According to the French Competition Authority, Google should have to pay the punishment.

The penalty was announced on July 13. The French authority stated that Google must submit suggestions for compensation arrangements for news organizations within the following two months. They have to face a fine of up to €900,000 ($1.07 million) per day if the deadline is not met. Given how stacked the odds appear to be against the internet giant, it will be intriguing to see how it goes.

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