Cloud Computing Has an Option That Will Work for Your Business

With the cloud gaining so much traction in recent years, you might begin to wonder if the cloud is an appropriate next step for your business to take. Well, today, we might just have your answer, and it’s one that you probably have already guessed at. Yes, the cloud is a great way for your business to improve access to technology solutions. Let’s go over how you might use it.

First, let’s establish the fact that just about anything your business could possibly need can be hosted in the cloud. The cloud takes advantage of a vast network of interconnected devices and infrastructures to provide access to services and goods through the Internet, meaning that you don’t have to be physically close to the source of those goods or services to utilize them.

All that said, the sky's the limit for how you might use the cloud, but we have compiled a shortlist of popular ways the cloud is used by small businesses.

Productivity Suites

One of the best value propositions you can get from the cloud is hosting your productivity suite. Running these software solutions on your workstations can be tricky as your workforce grows, meaning that the more people you employ, the more software licenses and applications that have to be updated over time. Productivity suites hosted in the cloud are easier to manage and scale, and their accessibility is improved dramatically.

Communications Applications

Applications like your email, telephone system, video conferencing, collaboration software, and others like them are best suited for the cloud. Again, it all boils down to accessibility, and in an increasingly remote work environment, accessibility is key. If you can access your communications infrastructure through the cloud, then you can effectively communicate with your team from anywhere.

Data Storage

This is a big one; centralized data storage hosted in the cloud gives your team access to all of the files they need to get their work done throughout the workday. This, in tandem with the rest of these cloud-friendly technologies, allows your team to work remotely and on their own terms without compromising on access.


Some companies can even host their entire hardware infrastructure in the cloud through the use of virtual desktops. These are essentially desktops that are accessed virtually through the cloud, preventing the need for specific hardware to get work done. For companies that use legacy applications, you can even run multiple different operating systems to ensure that compatibility is not an issue moving forward.

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