Artificially Intelligent Tools Can be Effective Against Malware

Malware is a common enough issue that it’s pretty well established in the public lexicon, and much more pertinently, the most dangerous malware has seen an increase of 86% year over year. Worse, this kind of malware is largely the variety that takes users by surprise… making it all the more important that your team members are defended against them. To accomplish this, artificial intelligence could be an essential tool.

Let’s explore just how this is by examining how it is currently being used as a security measure. 

Malware is Becoming More Dangerous

There’s been a visible trend over the past many years, where malware has increased in its severity and frequency. Specifically, serious malware has seen a year-over-year increase of 86%. That’s a serious increase…and it doesn’t help that these threats are increasingly hard for the average user to spot.

Phishing, malicious websites, malware-laden downloads, and other advanced attacks are now being used to spread this malicious software. Of course, these means of attack are also more challenging to spot.

So, what is a business to do?

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Spot Malware

The recent development of AI-powered security tools have given businesses a hugely useful and effective means of protecting their interests.

By taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning, dealing with various attacks becomes far easier for businesses to handle. Take, for instance, ransomware.

Ransomware is currently one of the most common cyberthreats that businesses face, largely because of how it can be spread through manipulating your users using means like phishing. The thing about phishing and efforts like it is that it is designed to take advantage of your users—specifically, fooling them into doing what the perpetrator wants them to do. Naturally, this means that many of the cybercriminals who use phishing and similar tactics to it do everything in their power to make their attacks as convincing as possible, thereby making them more challenging for your end users to spot and leaving you more vulnerable to such threats.

While training your team to be able to spot these attempts and others is crucial, there is a very non-zero chance that someone could miss something and let in a threat. Fortunately, new technologies have been developed that can help to stop such attacks, taking advantage of artificial intelligence.

How Can—and Does—AI Help Protect Businesses?

By utilizing predictive tools and analysis, artificially intelligent security solutions help to fight against all the threats that businesses face. This has enabled those companies that are able to adopt it to protect themselves against these threats in various ways.

For instance:

  • Spam and phishing protection
  • Analyzing DNS data to detect threats
  • Identifying problematic data
  • Tracking advanced malware

So, AI is not only becoming more accessible for a business to utilize, it is providing more use for those that do.

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