The Virtual Meetings: A User’s Guide

A Guide to the Virtual Meeting

A team of Microsoft researchers examined how employees were adjusting to the change to remote work. They discovered an unexpected data point. The Workers were arranging more 30-minute meetings than they ever had before. It contributed to a weekly meeting-time increase of 10%. This is unfavorable news. Meetings, according to the study, often reduce employee productivity and pleasure. It is time to reconsider virtual meetings.

Google is releasing a Calendar feature that indicates how much time you spend in meetings.

Google rolling out calendar feature

To summarize, as more individuals work from home, meetings are taking up an increasing portion of employees’ workdays. Google is introducing a “Time Insights” sidebar to the web version of Calendar. It will help customers keep track of how much time they spend on collaborative tasks. According to Google, Time Insights provides customers with a summary of information based on their weekly meetings. This covers the amount of time spent in one-on-one conversations with others. Meetings with three or more guests, and the length of the sessions, all displayed in simple pie and bar charts.

A startling number of businesses have fired employees for Zoom “incidents.”

Compaies fired people via zoom meeting

Workers use video conferencing services to interact with colleagues around the world. They will need to be careful. According to a recent survey, many supervisors still don’t trust their staff with the technology. This lack of belief has had major consequences. With nearly a quarter (24 percent) of respondents polled for the report claiming they’ve seen an employee dismissed as a result of mistakes made on video or audio calls using platforms like Zoom.