St. Isidore’s Night Before Christmas

Colleen from finance had handed out treats, Fresh homemade cookies, hand-frosted and sweet, So, with smiling mouths filled with sugary tastes, All had made their way home, arriving with haste. With Santa Claus starting his gift-giving flight, The office was dark, with minimal light. The monitors sleeping, the servers were quiet, All was at peace, no cause for disquiet. For the office was shielded by a steadfast guard, A managed service provider, of highest regard – And thank goodness it was, for early that day An emergency threatened to cause a delay. In early morning hours, December 24, The servers were running their nightly backup chores. The MSP realized the problem at hand, Their disk space was filled up, an issue unplanned. Luckily, the office had wisely signed on, To have their IT watched over to avoid denouement, Remote Monitoring and Maintenance protected their assets, As the MSP caught and resolved any threats. From malware and spyware, to issues of all kinds, Attacks and vulnerabilities, and all of their signs, The MSP acts, and the MSP delivers, Acting as a business’ IT caregivers. So, when the MSP realized the disk space-based issue, A solution was deployed so the backup could continue, By deleting some outdated backups to free up space, The MSP reported the problem to the workplace. But the MSP did more than just issue a report, The professionals there explained why the backup fell short, And recommending to the business more space to save data, The MSP helped keep their storage pro rata. How happy the business was to have this service – To know that they had little reason to be nervous! To trust that any problems of theirs would be addressed, Without breaking the bank or leaving them stressed. So, the staff of the business was free to relax, Without worrying that problems would fall through the cracks. So, without any remnants of their after-hours plight, A Happy Christmas was had by all, and all had a good night.

IT Can Have Fun, Too

What Is an Internet Meme? The concept for the meme was actually an academic concept coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. He suggested that it was the evolution of society to create units of cultural transmission. Today, that thesis is carried out millions of times a day through the Internet meme. They are messages shared across the Internet typically using images to represent the underlying feelings, thoughts, and beliefs of the people creating and sharing them. Their prevalence cannot be underestimated, as they have evolved to cover all of human existence (and further). There are three variables that make an Internet meme successful. They are: longevity, fertility, and copy-fidelity. This means that the most popular Internet memes resoundingly resonate with people, creating the need for duplication, and ultimately, replication using similar scenario-specific criteria. Basically, the meme is shared, copied, shared, altered slightly, and shared. With the advent of social media, meme use has exploded, becoming a cultural phenomenon that transcends specific topics. Our Favorite IT Memes You probably already understand why you like memes: they tend to make you laugh because you relate with the perceived message/action. Here are a few of the IT memes we like: Managed IT Services This meme starts from a scene from the movie Taken where retired CIA field agent Bryan Mils had his daughter stolen. In the movie, he utters the phrase, “I have a particular set of skills…” The meme was changed to use that very well-known phrase and image to list his IT management skills. This meme shows the character Andy Dwyer of NBC’s Parks and Recreation who is a simple man with a heart of gold; and, whose naivete and enthusiasm have landed him in an uncomfortable position. In fairness, there are many people who still aren’t sure of what managed services actually are, making this meme relevant. IT Support This meme shows Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott on the Com on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The U.S.S. Enterprise is far-and-away a more complicated machine than your average PC (despite the lights and tactile switches found in the shot), the term “Have you tried switching it off and on again?” is funny. It is the first thing that tech support will ask anyone if their device isn’t working properly.  Backup and Disaster Recovery Some memes are funnier than others. This one, featuring “disaster girl” suggests that the reason you need disaster recovery is because your sweet, unsuspecting child just might be a demon-seed. Protecting what you have is important, and for the business, that means disaster recovery. The Cloud  Cartoons, like the one above, can be memes. In fact there are five potential memes in this cartoon, but we thought we would post the full cartoon because it’s enjoyable. If you were to meme this cartoon successfully, it would look something like this: Sometimes memes get right to the point instead of trying to be cute. This one, with a picture of Morpheus from the popular movie The Matrix tells the ultimate truth about computing in the cloud. The cloud has many computing users confused, but in essence, the cloud is just another computer somewhere on the Internet in which you store your data, run applications from, etc. Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is one of the most […]