Apple’s forthcoming iPad Pro will have wireless charging and a glass back.

Apple’s next iPad Pro has wireless charging and a glass back

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is working on the new iPad Pro featuring wireless charging. To enable the technology, Apple is reported to be switching to a glass back for the future models, instead of the metal used on all prior iPad backs. Apple is developing a magnetic charging mechanism for the next iPad Pro, similar to the MagSafe connector launched with the iPhone 12 series of phones last year. According to the source, Apple’s next iPad may incorporate reverse wireless charging. It would allow the iPad to function as a wireless power hotspot in and of itself. Apple officially revealed the new M1 iPad Pro with a Mini LED display. The wireless charging option isn’t likely to be ready until next year. According to Bloomberg, in 2021, Apple will release a redesigned iPad Mini with fewer screen bezels. It’s unclear if it’ll utilize Face ID like the iPad Pro or Touch ID on the power button like the iPad Air. Bloomberg just states that “the removal of its home button has also been attempted.” Apple is likely to release a thinner version of the 10.2-inch iPad with the new iPad Mini. Both items are expected to arrive before the end of the year.