5 Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams Today


Microsoft Teams has been the fastest-growing program in Microsoft’s history, with over 330,000 businesses using it across the world since its launch. If you work for one of these companies, you’re probably always thinking of new ways to put the app to use. But if you aren’t already utilizing Teams, here are five reasons why you should.

Enhancing Your Organization’s Email Security Is a Good Plan

Enhancing Your Organization’s Email Security Is a Good Plan

Email plays a critical role in the communications infrastructure of any business, and therefore it is extremely important to shore up its defenses so hackers cannot take advantage of it as an outlet into your network. It’s true that most businesses don’t understand just how important email security is, and if it’s not addressed, it could be quite costly for your organization.

The 5 Important Features You Need in Your Video Conferencing Tool

The 5 Important Features You Need in Your Video Conferencing Tool

Video conferencing has become commonplace over the past few years, even as people return to their offices in the downturn of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations had their hand forced into finding solutions for remote workers and it turns out that video conferencing has been a viable one. Today, we will go through some of the features you need to have in an effective video conferencing solution. 

How to use Windows’ built-in security to protect PC from ransomware

How to protect your PC from ransomware using Windows’ built-in protection

For years, computer users and organizations have been plagued by ransomware, which prohibits you from accessing your information unless you pay the criminal who infected your machine. Given its popularity and the fact that a ransomware infection might result in the loss of sensitive assets such as papers or family photos, it’s a smart idea to safeguard you. Microsoft has introduced tools to its built-in Windows Security software that can help keep your machine safe from ransomware beginning with Windows 10.

Google is changing the way it tracks us online, but who benefits?

Google Is Changing How It Tracks Us Online – But Who Benefits? | Google

Cookies are one of many dubious agreements we have made online, where privacy is sacrificed for convenience without fully understanding the repercussions. This agreement, like so many others involving our data, is being modified in the presence of authorities. Google released an update last week on how it is replacing cookies on its Chrome browser, which is significant because Chrome accounts for two-thirds of all online surfing worldwide.