Apple's VR headset: What to expect and what it will look like

Apple VR headset is expected to be launched in 2022, according to rumors, and AppleInsider has prepared exclusive illustrations to demonstrate what it may look like.

The virtual reality headgear released by Apple is the company’s first move toward a mixed reality future. To create a device that is both comfortable and elegant, it is likely to include design elements from Apple’s complete product line.

The images were inspired by a story in The Information about a rumored virtual reality headset prototype design. It’s a “sleek, curving visor with mesh material joined by swappable headbands” that wraps around the user’s head.

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We may expect the curved visor to feature a glass shell similar to the Apple Watch based on this description. The mesh might be similar to the AirPods Max’s cushioning, while the bands could be similar to the Apple Watch sports bands.

According to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the first device would weigh less than a pound, with later generations weighing even less. Weight is an essential consideration in VR since long sessions can be uncomfortable if the headset is too heavy. Some users may anticipate being able to sit comfortably for hours on end once the “metaverse” arrives.

The headset in our illustration is built of lightweight materials. It includes a head strap that evenly distributes the wearer’s weight. Apple’s AirPods Max are substantial aluminum headphones. But the weight is barely perceptible in usage because of the headband design. This design would adapt nicely to a headset.

Initially, it was reported that the VR headgear will use the iPhone to run its software, but more recent speculations indicate that the headset will be a stand-alone device. According to one Kuo report, it would feature M1-level processing for high-end applications and development.

Such processing power would be required by developers to construct the next generation of AR and VR experiences. Ultimately, the Apple VR headset will be a stepping stone to generating content for the “Apple Glass” AR headset.

The helmet may feature cameras to overlay augmented reality elements in the real world, despite its virtual reality concentration. This indicates that Apple’s VR headset might be mixed reality depending on the apps used. These additional AR, VR, and MR modes would be ideal for designing cross-platform experiences that could be used on any Apple device.

A second CPU would be in charge of sensor tracking. The rumored LiDAR sensor system would be sufficient to monitor a user’s hands without the need for a controller, however, controllers may still be attached for precise control or gaming.

The price ranged from $1,000 to $3,000, according to rumors. Apple’s VR headgear, whatever it costs, will be ultra-premium and significantly more expensive than competitors.

In 2022, Apple is scheduled to release the Apple VR headset. Stay tuned to AppleInsider for more exclusive renderings of future Apple goods.

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