The VPN Is Now an Indispensable Tool

As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to stay connected to the office while traveling. Despite being on the road, you’re still responsible for responding to clients, employee troubles, and other important tasks that must be addressed throughout the workday. You don’t want to use public Wi-Fi to access corporate data, so your best bet is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Defining VPNs

A VPN is simple to understand. It’s basically a network that privately sends and receives data. This makes it useful for accessing corporate information. The best part about it is that only you, your employees, and authorized personnel can use it, which makes it a secure, private connection that you can count on.

How VPNs Work

VPNs encrypt information that’s sent to and from a network. Basically, using a VPN is the most secure way to access sensitive information. Your data is hidden while it’s in transit, and any attackers won’t be able to see your physical address, either, allowing you to hide your physical location from the hackers.

Why VPNs are Necessary

The primary reason to use a VPN is that you can’t trust public WiFi to be secure enough to handle the transfer of your sensitive data. Hotspots like those found at airports, train stations, or cafés could be host to any number of threats, and it’s your job to protect your business’ data from them.

While you’re moving around, it can be easy to forget that your data means more than just a couple of files or numbers. Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and if it’s compromised, you can say goodbye to your business’ future. Don’t allow this to happen because of a lack of foresight. Let the skilled IT professionals at SRS Networks help you integrate a powerful, flexible VPN solution that’s designed to keep your data safe while mobile. Give us a call at (831) 758-3636 to learn more.

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