This privacy-focused browser stops websites tracking you even better than Chrome does

Nobody wants their personal information to be leaked when surfing the websites. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other popular browsers can assist in keeping your data safe from prying eyes. The downside is that protecting such browsers requires installing a few security-minded plugins or adjusting privacy settings in preferences. There is one browser, with its privacy-focused search engine, that eliminates the setup and fussing and goes all-in on protecting your data.

Brave browser by default prevents trackers and third-party cookies that follow your activities while you navigate the web. However, the browser also gives you the option of blocking some things, such as advertisements and cookies, as well as Facebook and Google login buttons.

The Brave browser’s designer admitted that the browser’s strict banning policy influences websites: Advertisements that help to support the development of website content are hidden. Brave uses a novel method of compensating content creators by allowing you to anonymously donate to websites you visit. Publishers that choose to participate in the program will get bitcoin donations. You can turn off ads and tracking in Brave’s settings if you don’t want to be bothered. However, being monitored comes with a cost: you lose control over your privacy.

Because the Brave browser is based on the same basis as Chrome and is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, it supports Chrome extensions. When you select “Find extensions and themes” in Brave’s settings. You are taken to the Chrome Web Store to search for browser extensions and themes.

Furthermore, just because Brave is built on the Google platform does not imply that you must use Google as your primary search engine. Brave has unveiled a public beta version of Brave Search. Its privacy-focused search engine will compete with Google. It become the Brave browser’s default search engine later this year. On your PC, you can now try out the Brave Search beta.

Brave Browser for mobile will have to wait until the next Brave Browser upgrade, which will enable Brave Search by default. There is no method to manually integrate Brave Search right now. You can still change your preferred search engine by launching Brave on mobile.  Press the three-dot symbol on the right of the URL bar. When you tap Settings, the first choice you’ll see is to choose your preferred search engine.

Here’s how to get Brave installed and start giving to your favorite websites and content providers.

Control what Brave blocks

By default, Brave removes all advertising, trackers, third-party cookies (that monitor you across the internet via cookies intended to facilitate on websites), and third-party fingerprinters.  However, when it comes to defense, you can alter Brave’s consciousness.

  1. Go to the Brave menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Shields may be found in the left-hand Settings column.
  3. Choose the level of privacy you want from the privacy options on the right.
  4. Select Social media blocking in the Settings panel to select whether Google and Facebook login buttons, integrated Twitter tweets, and LinkedIn integrated postings are permitted.
  5. If you want more control, go to Additional Settings on the left and select Privacy and security.
  6. In this section, you may configure the Brave browser’s services, such as a prediction service to aid autocomplete searches and URLs.
  7. To utilize the privacy-focused Brave Search, right-click your URL bar and select Manage Search Engines. Select Brave Search from the list titled Other search engines by touching the three-dot button on the right and selecting Make default.

Contribute to websites and content providers.

Brave’s ad-blocking strategy comes at a cost: Websites are not compensated for their efforts. Brave Rewards was designed as a way to donate to websites you visit without being tracked. You earn tokens by viewing Brave-selected advertising. The money is then automatically distributed in the form of cryptocurrency to websites you visit. Here’s how to get started with the rewards program.

  1. From the three-parallel-line hamburger menu on the right side of the toolbar, select Brave Rewards.
  2. Select Yes, I’m In from the drop-down menu.
  3. You may set up and alter your revenue program participation on the Brave Rewards page:
  • For advertising, you may choose how often you want to see per hour.
  • For auto-contributions, you may choose how much to donate each month as well as the minimum time spent on the page before the site is rewarded with a contribution.
  1. In addition to earning tokens through web activities, you may add your cryptocurrency to your account and use it to contribute to sites.

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