There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cloud computing… a lot more than many people might anticipate. Let’s hash out what is really required when it comes to properly managing your cloud resources.

First off, let’s define cloud management.

What Does Cloud Management Really Mean?

Let’s get something out of the way first: “the cloud” can mean a lot of different things for different companies, based on how they make use of the resources and capabilities it has to offer, on top of what they use it for. There’s the options you have to weigh between using a public cloud, a private cloud, or combining the two approaches into a hybrid cloud deployment.

There’s also all the available uses you have for the cloud, from data storage and processing, application hosting and delivery, to a litany of other business purposes that far outpace what most on-premise solutions can deliver. 

So, it’s pretty clear that the cloud, along with its many uses, also has many complications to take into consideration. This means that your management of your cloud resources is all the more important.

What Tools Can Help You Manage Your Cloud Resources?

There are a few means out there that enable you to make the most of your cloud, however that cloud might be shaped. Your use case might require resource management tools, scalability or automation, compliance, monitoring performance, or any other process.

Each of these use cases will require different technologies to be used and best practices to be followed. For instance:

  • In order to enhance your scalability, your cloud management tools will need to be compatible with new and improving technology, as well as with different network geographies.
  • Compliance only grows more important to uphold as time passes, so it will be crucial to establish who owns certain resources and whether their role makes that appropriate.
  • The performance of any IT system will be crucially effective, so proactively implementing status review measures and automatically scaling to meet resource requirements will be important.

SRS Networks can assist you in putting your cloud resources to their optimal use.

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