With the cost of ink and paper, printing can become a money pit.

It may surprise you how much your company is spending on printing. Materials that printers use aren’t cheap, and without proper oversight over your company’s printing situation, it’s easy for there to be a lot of waste. Having multiple printers on your network make it that much more difficult to keep track of your organization’s printing costs.

SRS Networks’s print server solution allows your company all the network administration capabilities you are looking for in a company-wide print server. It provides a central hub where administrators can manage which users have access to which printing options. User print configurations are fully customizable and provides administrators control over user-access to the networks printers. These permissions can be adjusted, per user, to meet each user’s needs on the network..

Another way strong print management can save you money and streamline your printing operation is by effectively eliminating your older and inefficient printers. If your current printing situation is made up of random printers installed on your network, some of them may be draining your office supply budget. This is because some printers cost a lot more to maintain than others. With print management from SRS Networks, we can identify the inefficient printers and recommend an economical solution.

Improve Security with Your Printer

Keep users accountable for their printing habits.

A business may employ strong network security solutions to keep hackers from accessing their sensitive information, but because the printer is often overlooked as an access point, targeting printers on a network is a favorite tactic used by hackers. A print server from SRS Networks will provide your business with an extra level of security that will close that avenue of access.

Another way that proper print management can increase company security is by keeping users accountable for what they print. A print server can tell you what files are printed from what user.

Print Smart and Be Environmentally Conscious

Managing your printers is a great way to go green by using less paper and electricity.

Despite the increased prevalence of digital communication within the modern office, paper consumption still increases by nearly 20% every year. Your average employee uses one sheet of paper every twelve minutes! A print server solution can help control this waste by enforcing printing limitations for every network user, increasing efficiency.

Every business can easily do its part to cut down on waste and establish greener workplaces. An additional benefit of incorporating our print server solution is that it can help your company reduce its carbon footprint, saving electricity and paper.

For more information about SRS Networks’s print server solution, or any of our other comprehensive IT services, please call us at (831) 758-3636 and one of our experienced technicians will assist you.

Basic Information about Quality Printers by SRS Networds

Printers are used in offices and homes to print documents, photos, and even photographs. They are available in different sizes and with different features. Printers come in many different shapes and colours. They can be purchased for home use or business use. The best thing about printers is that they make printing so easy. With a printer, you can print out anything from a letter to a photo to a report. Printers are very affordable, but you should be careful about what type of printer you buy. If you buy a cheap printer, you will have to replace it very quickly.

There are different types of printers available in stores today. You can get inkjet printers, laser printers, and multifunctional printers. These are just some of the different types of printers. There are also different sizes of these printers. Most people who want to buy a printer usually want to purchase the largest size possible. This is because larger printers will allow them to print more pages at one time.

A good quality printer will have a high resolution. This means that you will be able to print very clear images on paper. A higher resolution will also mean that you will be able to get more prints out of each page. You will also need a printer that has a lot of memory space. This is because when you are printing photos, you may want to print out several copies of the same photo.

When you are shopping for a printer, you should make sure that you do your research. Look up the different brands of printers online and see which ones will suit your needs. You can also ask friends or family members which brand of printer they would recommend. It is also important to look at the prices before purchasing a printer.

When you are buying a printer, you will want to know how much ink you will need to buy. The amount of ink you will need depends on the size of the printer and how many pages you plan on printing at one time. Some printers will only take black ink while other printers will only take coloured ink. If you plan on printing large quantities of photos, you should get a colour printer.

There are different models of printers available. You can get a printer that is wireless or you can get a printer that is corded. Corded printers are usually cheaper than wireless printers. It is recommended that you try both types of printers. When you are looking for a printer, you should also look for a warranty. This will ensure that you will be able to use the printer for a long time. A printer is a great way to print out any type of document. Whether you are using it at home or at work, a printer is a must have.

Our Complete Printers Guide

There are three basic types of advanced printers. These are laser, inkjet and thermal transfer. All of these printers have many different features which make them unique. The following information will help you understand how to install these printers.

Laser printer

A laser printer prints out documents from a roll of paper. Laser printers can print on both sides of the paper. This type of printer uses toner to print out documents. A laser printer has a drum that holds the toner. When the drum is rotated by a motor it pulls the toner out of the drum and then the toner prints onto the paper.

Inkjet printer

An inkjet printer prints out documents from a cartridge. Inkjet printers use ink to print documents. A cartridge holds the ink and when the cartridge is filled with ink the printer prints out the document.

Thermal Transfer Printer

A thermal transfer printer prints out documents from a ribbon. The ribbon contains the image to be printed. The ribbon passes over the paper and then the image is transferred to the paper.

To install an advanced printer you must first connect the printer to the computer. Then you will need to plug in the power cord to the printer. You may also need to plug in the USB cable if your printer is a USB printer. Once the power cord and USB cable are plugged in you will need to plug in a monitor and a keyboard to the computer.

After the computer is connected to the printer you will need to install the software for the printer. If your printer is not already set up to do this automatically you will need to install the appropriate software. After the software is installed you can begin printing.

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