Chromebooks are a Great Fit for a Lot of Businesses

You want to make smart decisions for your business, but it’s not always so simple. Small businesses have a lot of options for their workstation needs, so what is the budget-minded company to do? Chromebooks offer a cost-effective way to get the computing equipment you need while keeping hardware costs low. 

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS. It’s a lightweight operating system that utilizes an Internet connection. These devices provide excellent value for their price point. They don’t have much on-board storage and are not compatible with outside software, but you can do a lot with your Chrome browser thanks to Android applications. Let’s examine how Chromebooks might be a viable option for your business.

Chromebooks are Affordable

The biggest benefit of a Chromebook is that they are more cost-effective compared to Windows and macOS-powered laptops. They are created to provide productivity at a low cost. There are some Chromebooks available for a higher price point, but it’s safe to say that those from HP, Acer, and Asus will be more budget-friendly.

All About Productivity

The Chrome OS is not ideal for running standalone applications, so you might think it limiting for your business, but you might be surprised by how productive one can be with an Internet browser alone. For example, you can access cloud-based productivity tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office right through your web browser.

Android Integration

Chromebooks are capable of running most Android apps found on the Google Play Store, and since Chrome OS integrates so well with mobile apps, you should be able to download any productivity or communications applications your employees might need to be productive. They will run just like they would on a smartphone.


Chromebooks generally lack the dedicated exploits you might find on a Microsoft or Apple operating system. Google uses the “Defense in Depth” approach by providing several layers of security so if one layer is compromised, the others can work in tandem to mitigate threats. The other, more advanced operating systems are more common, so hackers tend to target them more than the others. The Chrome OS can also be further safeguarded with two-step verification and other built-in features that are easier to set up.

Chromebooks make for a great, affordable computing solution, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe for more great content.

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