Hands-On IT Support in the Salinas and Monterey Area
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Help When & Where You Need It Most

Unique businesses require unique, tailor-fit solutions. Need around-the-clock IT services? Need compliance auditing? Need off-site backup? SRS Networks can handle all that and more. By helping you design a strategic plan that determines the exact services you need, and only the services you need, we’ll help keep your costs down and your business efficient with our outsourced IT solutions.

Some people need a fully outsourced IT desk, while others will merely need assistance for their in-house IT team. Whatever you need, and wherever you are, SRS Networks is there to lend a helping hand.

You Manage Your Business, We’ll Manage Your IT

We get it. The day-to-day maintenance of your computer systems can really wear you down. Every day, it seems like there are new patches to be installed and new security updates to manage – and, for some reason, the darn updates always need to happen when you’re on deadline!

If you’re like most business leaders, you know those IT updates are critical to ensure your protection in today’s dangerous cybersecurity landscape, but you also know that if you don’t finish your proposal in 20 minutes flat, you’re likely to lose a sale. In these scenarios, of course you’ll prioritize the proposal… but then you’re likely to forget about the necessary update and this cycle will repeat itself each day until it’s too late.

When you reach out for help from SRS Networks, you’ll know that the patches and updates you need are always up to date, all the time, because we’ll have installed them after-hours to keep you safe without business interruptions. You’ll also know that your software and hardware assets are fully tracked and accounted for, and you can rest assured that your computers, networks, and servers are running at optimal performance levels at all times.