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Our range of Managed Wi-Fi solutions helps link these elements together simply and securely.

While there are some technical and logistical factors you’ll need to consider when setting up internet for your apartment complex, it’s still a worthwhile investment. Providing internet access in every unit and across your apartment complex presents a unique opportunity for you as owner or landlord.


Installing WiFi for apartment complexes is an easy way to upgrade your entire property. Unlike major construction projects, MDU internet installation involves a few specialists and a few days of work. It’s much easier and faster to install this amenity, plus you know your residents will want to use it.

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Why should you set up Wi-Fi in your apartment complex?

More Revenue

Offering amenities means you can charge a premium for them. But unlike a pool, gym or sport court, WiFi is something every resident will use on a daily basis. You’ll be providing value all day, every day. Installing WiFi for apartments means you can use this amenity to charge more for rent.

Differentiate Yourself

Contemporary luxury apartments can boast some impressive amenities besides rooftop pools and concierge service. Having amenities that improve your residents’ everyday quality of life goes a long way.

Boost Lease Retention

When it comes to lease renewals, you know better than anyone that long-term tenants are your golden ticket. They’re reliable and a stable source of income for property owners and landlords. So while keeping units occupied should be a priority, keeping residents happy is also a must.


Another benefit of installing MDU WiFi is its scalability. The infrastructure itself is built to accommodate the entire complex without having to install new cabling from room to room in apartment units. Wireless internet eliminates that need completely.

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