What is MDU Wi-Fi?

MDU WiFi is “multi-dwelling unit” WiFi.

Nowadays, residents are usually responsible for providing their own cable, phone or internet services. It can be a slow process and a headache on moving day. For many residents who want internet access upon move-in, not only do they have to move everything into their apartment, they also have to wait for a technician to set up the internet.


Providing WiFi for your residents or tenants can be more than a convenience—it can actually be a great long-term strategy. MDU WiFi turns your entire apartment complex into a WiFi hotspot, with access in individual units and in common areas like the lobby or pool. WiFi doesn’t just have to be for accessing the internet, either. It can be used for household utilities and even security, making it a vital addition to your property’s amenities.

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How does it work?

MDU WiFi is a lot like WiFi for home, but on a much larger scale. In principle, it’s very similar. You connect your device to the network and that in turn connects you to the internet. But besides just getting online, WiFi can be used for household utilities, security cameras and smart appliances.


With MDU internet, multiple people can join the network. If you’ve stayed at a hotel and used their WiFi network, then your experience would be quite similar if you used MDU internet at an apartment complex. While it might sound complex, MDU WiFi networks are pretty straightforward.

Networks and Cabling

MDU WiFi can have two networks: one for guests and one for your staff. These networks work with access points in common areas and individual units so your residents can access the internet and connect their devices.

Getting to the Worldwide Web

One thing to remember with MDU WiFi is that off-the-shelf equipment isn’t ideal for the demands your residents will have. Your network will need to handle potentially thousands of downloads, streaming video, gaming, VoIP and more. MDU internet is like home internet on a much larger scale, but it puts you in control as the internet service provider for your apartment complex.

MDU Internet and Its Capabilities

If you’ve ever used WiFi at a hotel or on a larger campus, then you already have some idea of what MDU internet is capable of. At an apartment complex, MDU WiFi can be accessed in every unit as well as common areas. Staff might use a separate, password-protected WiFi network for work purposes. In that case, the network won’t be the same as the network your residents and their guests use.

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