How to use Google Sheets templates to speed up spreadsheet writing

Spreadsheets aren't the most interesting papers on the planet. And if your profession requires you to create the same sort of spreadsheet over and again, you understand how laborious it can be to enter the same headers and sheet names every time.

This is where templates come in handy. Templates allow you to generate a new spreadsheet with all of the normal formatting already filled in, allowing you to focus on the data rather than the busy work.

Here's how to make your own Google Sheets templates or discover and utilize one of Google's existing templates.

Making a New Google Sheets Template and creating new spreadsheets

  1. Launch Google Sheets on your PC (the mobile app does not support this functionality) and create a new spreadsheet. If you already have a spreadsheet set up the way you want it, you can open it.
  2. Edit the spreadsheet to include whatever you wish to save as a template.
  3. When you're through, give the spreadsheet a title that indicates it's a template, such as "Fiscal Report Template."

You now have a functional template. To use this template to create spreadsheets in the future, open it and click File in the top-left corner, then Make a copy. You'll be prompted to name the new spreadsheet, and after you do, it'll generate a new spreadsheet based on your template.

How to make use of a pre-existing Google Sheets template

Google also provides over three dozen of its templates, all of which are free to use (although some require add-ons). In addition, unlike bespoke templates, these may be used on the Google Sheets website or mobile app.

Using the Google Sheets web page

  1. Launch Google Sheets and navigate to the Template gallery option in the upper-right corner.
  2. Scroll through the current templates under the General menu and select the one you wish to use. They are classified according to their function and kind.

Making use of the Google Sheets mobile app for spreadsheets.

  1. Launch Google Sheets and touch the + sign in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Click Choose template, and then select a template from the long selection that displays.

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