YouTube experiment will auto-detect products in videos and provide links

YouTube experiment will auto-detect products in videos and provide links

One of YouTube’s new experiments, the video-sharing platform will be able to produce related video links to anything mentioned. It is done in addition to the “Products in this Video” feature that auto-detects certain things. Midway through 2020, we saw an early version of this function begin testing with a small subset of YouTube users, but it appears that it is now being expanded wider for those viewing materials in the United States.

It’s unclear how it’ll look, given that the first deployment of “Products in this Video” was so limited that there are few to no examples of it in action online. Unlike the first experiment, which looked to be focused on the outer links to stores selling objects found within videos, this trial appears to be focused on showing you more videos on specific things that the YouTube system can auto-detect. YouTube has released some extra information regarding how it will appear this time:

[22nd of March, 2021] Automated testing of a list of products discovered in videos. We’re testing a new feature that shows a list of products found in some films, as well as similar products. Viewers scrolling below the video player will see the feature in between the recommended videos. The idea is to encourage consumers to go to YouTube and look for more videos and information on those products. People watching videos in the United States will be able to see this feature.

Right beneath the primary YouTube player, you’ll discover a list of any products mentioned, with supplemental content for each item clearly highlighted. We envision this as a banner ad with additional interactive elements. Instead of leaving YouTube, you’ll be shown videos from other channels. The creators have highlighted things that were auto-detected in the initial video.

Conclusion of YouTube new experiment:

We think it will serve as a secondary recommendation tool to complement the suggested videos to the right of the main video. The YouTube algorithm already does a decent job of detecting what material you’ve been watching and offering your relevant videos. This appears to be more focused on the type of information that people watch pre-purchase research.

The ability to auto-detect products within YouTube videos could help to clean up some of the more dubious algorithm recommendations. YouTube hasn’t said which platforms this will be available on; only that it “will be visible to individuals watching videos in the United States.”

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