he agency that controls U.S. nukes had its Twitter account accessed by a child

Twitter had a bit of a fluster with the U.S. Strategic Command posted gibberish.

The agency’s manager had its Twitter account accessed by a child that under controls U.S. nukes.

Twitter users kiddingly fear that the agency had overtaken which definitive for the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Unintelligible tweet

The Daily Dot has cognized that an incomprehensible tweet made on Sunday by U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) was composed by a small child.
USSTRATCOM, one of the eleven unified combatant commands in the United States Department of Defense, which has the authority for the U.S. nuclear arsenal, stirred confusion after releasing a tweet that came into sight to be nonsense: “;l;;gmlxzssaw.”

Justify post

After some, they erased the post. However, USSTRATCOM publishes an apology in a follow-up tweet and asked users to “despise” the antecedent post.
Given USSTRATCOM’s role, furthermore Twitter users were starting to joke that the agency had involuntarily post out a nuclear code of the launch. However, For the further intrigue theory, Followers of QAnon has also used the tweet.


But besides that, it brings out the tweet was just a mishap. The Daily Dot filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeal with USSTRATCOM and found out that a small child had produced the post.

The reason behind the tweet

USSTRATCOM’s FOIA officer stated that when the agency’s Twitter manager transiently left his computer unattended, the guff tweet had made.
“While in a WFH telework spot, the Command’s Twitter manager, shortly left while opened and unattended the Command’s Twitter account,” the response reads. “Miserably, and unknowingly his very young child nonsensely took enjoyment of the situation and started playing with the computer keys and, posted the tweet.”

USSTRATCOM more clear that the tweet was not the consequence of a hacking incident. This post doesn’t involve any of the vicious complications. However, a small mistake by the manager makes everyone conscious. Everyone gets tensed is it a code or just a mistake? how did happened, but it was just a foolish mistake.

“Undoubtedly nothing iniquitous occurred, like, no hacking of our Twitter account,” the replier added. “The post was determined and notice to erase it happened telephonically.”

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