Slack intends to add new features

Slack intends to add new features

According to firm CEO Stuart Butterfield, Slack, popular workplace software, will soon have Clubhouse-style, additional features. Slack intends to add audio messages and video features.

Slack intends to add Audio and video features

According to an announcement made deliberately via Clubhouse, the popular work chat service, Slack, is getting some Clubhouse-style features. According to, Butterfield confirmed that Slack will have a variety of audio and video components.

This comes just a week after Slack unveiled the ability to DM anyone through the app, possibly opening the door to unwanted, unmonitored, and unstoppable abuse if the feature falls into the wrong hands.

What Are Slack’s New Features?

According to the report, Butterfield stated that Slack users will soon be able to send audio messages to one another, similar to how voice communications are sent on WhatsApp and Telegram. This feature is currently in beta testing.

Users will also be able to access “rooms” without an invite, similar to Clubhouse. Like, it won’t turn into a hazardous hotspot within the first ten minutes of its public release. There’s even speculation of a video option similar to “Stories.” This, according to reports, will function similarly to the plethora of other apps that offer similar features.

So, it appears like Slack is aiming to become a more social platform…

Why Is Slack Adding New Features?                                                             

These new audio and video features for Slack have reportedly been in the works since 2021. We now use Slack to communicate among firms (although you can create a Slack account for anything and use it for anything; it can be not related to a job).

Slack is attempting to promote itself as a company-to-company messaging service, rather than the internal corporate variant, with the addition of these services. It will include audio messages and video features It’s unclear how adding stories-style videos to the site can accomplish this. Will they have any genuine value?

Slack is, at the end of the day, an office app. It does highlight the topic of productivity by turning it into a social network app for employees. Will all of these new features, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just be an unwelcome distraction?

Are you a Slack user?

If yes, how do you feel about these additional features? Do you believe they’ll be a beneficial step forward in business relations, or will they quickly devolve into a platform for Apple and Epic Games to throw public tantrums at each other?

Worse yet, we must consider the fact that in this more open version of Slack, anyone can message anyone, making it vulnerable to abuse. All we can hope for is that individuals would use the features wisely. Whether they will or not is a different story.

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